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Cassidy's empty chair and Landrieu's unsure footing

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 Empty-ChairThere are three story lines today as the US Senator candidates ready for their first televised debate.

Story line 1#  Two of the three main candidates will appear while one, Bill Cassidy, has chosen not to participate.  As a result, the Mary Landrieu campaign is taking advantage of the empty chair by sharing words of other media.


Story line 2#  Louisiana GOP appears gleeful over the Landrieu’s decision to pull her campaign manager, less than one month prior to  election day.  A sure sign of a campaign on sure footing.

Story line #3  Landrieu contends that her position as Senate Energy Chair would be a real loss, should she not be re-elected.

Here are today’s press releases supporting these story lines;

Air Mary is in a free fall just 26 days before the November election.

First, President Obama said his failed agenda, which MaryLandrieuhas supported 97 percent of the time and just 39 percent of Louisianians approve of, is on the ballot this fall.

Her support for those wildly unpopular policies like ObamaCare and her failure to deliver for Louisiana like she promised, along with her Chartergate scandal and residency controversy, are a big reason why she’s looking up at Bill Cassidy in the polls. In fact, of all the battle ground Senate races this election cycle, Bill Cassidy holds the largest lead in Real Clear Politics poll average – larger even than “safe” Republican seats like Georgia and Kentucky.

But the surest sign that Air Mary is having a rough ride is the stunning move she just made yesterday to can her campaign manager less than a month before theNov. 4election. While her campaign has tried to spin it as business as usual forLandrieu, make no mistake – this is a desperate move by a desperate candidate.

“Winning campaigns don’t throw the campaign manager overboard in October, just like championship teams don’t fire the head coach right before the playoffs. It is simply not a recipe for success. SenatorLandrieusees the writing on the wall – after 17 years as a Washington, D.C. resident and a rubber stamp for President Obama’s agenda, her days living on the taxpayer dime are numbered.”– Jason Doré, LAGOP executive director


Voters and the Media Will Miss Out On Seeing Cassidy In Tonight’s
Debate, But What Do Those Who Have Seen Cassidy In Action Think?

ICYMI–While Senator MaryLandrieuand Republican candidate Colonel Rob Maness prepare to debate in the first Louisiana Senate debate of the cycle this evening, voters and the media will be left wondering where Congressman Bill Cassidy stands on a multitude of issues and where exactly he will be during the time of the debate. Since viewers will not have the opportunity to hear directly from Congressman Cassidy, they’ll be left wondering what kind of man he is and where he stands on key issues in Louisiana.
In an effort to help those viewers wondering a little about Congressman Cassidy, below are just some of what local, state, and national news outlets have said about Congressman Cassidy in the last couple of weeks, highlighting everything from his debate dodging, to his false ads, to his general discomfort in dealing with people.

And in case voters want to catch Congressman Cassidy on the campaign trail, they can see why he's so hard to findHERE.


In Louisiana Senate race, voters looking for the real (conservative) thing: James Varney
By James Varney, October 7, 2014
“Meanwhile, some voters are similarly skeptical of Cassidy's conservative bona fides. How else to explain the Republicans' inability to open a decisive lead? True, Landrieu has the power of incumbency and is well known, but Louisiana is a state in which Mitt Romney beat Obama by 17 points without campaigning.”

“The fact that a holdout batch of conservative voters has not aligned with the Cassidy campaign is evident in the lingering support for retired Air Force Col. Rob Maness.”
The Advocate: Sen.Landrieuattacks Cassidy for ducking debates
By Jeff Adelson, October 5, 2014
“But in the tight Senate race in which the state’s increasingly rightward tilt favors Cassidy, many observers believe the congressman is trying to avoid forums that could lead to well-publicized gaffes, missteps or the airing of unpopular opinions.”
The Advertiser: EDITORIAL: Louisiana voters deserve chance to meet candidates
By The Advertiser Editorial Board, October 4, 2014
“Cassidy, on the other hand, is too often missing in action.”
“When you think of the Republican Party’s best bet for the Senate this year, Cassidy, think of an empty chair.”
“Cassidy just doesn’t seem to have his head in the game.”
The Economist: The dynast, the doctor and the gator-wrestler
October 4, 2014
“At a Mexican restaurant in a shopping centre in Baton Rouge, Louisiana’s state capital, Bill Cassidy, a congressman, is awkwardly serving burritos. White-haired, and wearing a comically large name-badge, he shakes hands—asking diners first for their order and then for their vote.”
“Mr. Cassidy is not the most inspiring candidate. With his distinguished hair and doctor’s manner (he was a liver specialist before entering Congress) he resembles a TV caricature of a politician.”
WWL-TV: Cassidy catching heat for dodging debates
October 3, 2014
“Eyewitness News political analyst Clancy DuBos says Cassidy is likely avoiding candidate forums because he’s not a good debater.”
“‘It just looks bad if you’re afraid to debate somebody. If a female incumbent has to tell you to “man up,” then that’s not a good thing.’”
NOLA Defender: Where’s Bill?Landrieublasts Cassidy for debate dodging
By Ashley Larsen, October 3, 2014
“Both Landrieu and Col. Rob Maness(R), the tea-party favorite, have been criticizing Bill Cassidy (R) for his lack of appearances at several debates. Cassidy has committed to an October 14th debate in Shreveport and an October 29th debate in Baton Rouge, but has yet to firmly commit to others.”
Yahoo News!: MaryLandrieu’s last stand?
By Meredith Shiner, October 3, 2014
“When told by Yahoo News that Landrieu had been tailgating in Baton Rouge hours before his appearance — after he declared she’d never do such a thing — Cassidy walked away, looking awkwardly for the next target for a football-pun-laden campaign ‘push card’ he told everyone was ‘humorous’ or ‘tongue-in-cheek’ or ‘kinda funny.’ It was so close to kickoff when Cassidy arrived that fans were already dispersing and several young people with whom he spoke seemed too intoxicated to be able to remember the exchanges, clearly slurring their promises of support. There was no real organization, no big entourage, and Cassidy sometimes seemed uncomfortable approaching people.”
WVLA: East Baton Rouge Council on Aging hosts candidate forum
October 2, 2014
“Hundreds of senior citizens got together this morning for a forum on issues affecting them. The town hall style meeting was put on by the East Baton Rouge Council on Aging. Senator Mary Landrieu was there and Congressman Bill Cassidy was invited, but he didn't show up.”
MaryLandrieu, Rob Maness contrast views live for first time at Kenner forum
By Cole Avery, September 30, 2014
“The other Republican candidate, Rep. Bill Cassidy, did not attend the debate and sent Rep. Paul Hollis in his place. His absence was noted by both Landrieu and Maness, who have both accused the congressman of ducking debates.”
The Times-Picayune: Sarah Palin holds an alligator during Rob Maness campaign event
By Cole Avery, September 27, 2014
“‘Rob has the added challenge of going up against the establishment. The folks in the GOP are in it for a season, not a reason. It's a business for them,’ Palin said. ‘Rob is standing up for the average, hardworking American who is saying, “Enough is enough.” The status quo has got to go.’”
PolitiFact:Bill Cassidy says MaryLandrieu'put illegal immigrants ahead of veterans'
By Steve Contorno, September 25, 2014
“Cassidy ignores his own record to inaccurately criticize Landrieu’s. That extra level of hypocrisy bumps his claim to ridiculous, and we rate it Pants on Fire.”
Ken Cuccinelli: GOP Wasting Money on 'Dead Weight' Republicans
By Bill Hoffmann, September 24, 2014
“Ken Cuccinelli, the newly elected president of the Senate Conservatives Fund, says the GOP is blowing ‘enormous sums’ of money to prop up ‘dead-weight’ Republicans who don't stand for anything.”

“‘Yet, the Republican Party is spending enormous sums of money to support these people, who are about not believing anything. And that is the core of our problem.’"

“‘You can't stand for anything, you can't win that way. In fact, you can't win without it. If there isn't a reason to fight, the people won't fight and they won't show up.’”

AP: Analysis: Cassidy tries to sidestep tough spots
By Melinda Deslatte, September 22, 2014
“Cassidy has responded to the political tightrope by making himself less accessible, more attack-prone and less interested in engaging in public policy debates, with only six weeks remaining before the election.”
“[Cassidy] largely steers clear of describing any detailed policies he'd like to pass if elected to the Senate, besides the generic offering of ‘repeal Obamacare.’”
“Voters seeking more details of Cassidy's policy positions will have a limited debate schedule to get such access.”
“Despite that claim, the unscripted possibilities of a TV debate are most likely what Cassidy and his handlers are trying to avoid.”
The Washington Post:A claim on illegal immigrants and veterans goes too far
By Glenn Kessler, September 19, 2014
“Cassidy is really going out on a limb here, personally vouching for a ridiculous claim. Given that Cassidy voted for the same pension reductions in the House — and defended them when the Senate approved them — he certainly earns points for hypocrisy as well.”

SenatorLandrieu’s Advocacy Preserves
Natural Gas Service for Thousands of Louisianians

ICYMI– The News Star, based in Monroe, published a story today announcing a groundbreaking deal pushed by Senator MaryLandrieuto create a new pipeline in nine counties in Northeast Louisiana and the Capital Region. Owners of the Midla Pipeline had asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) if it could abandon the line, which would have cut off service to thousands of Louisianians. But SenatorLandrieuused her clout as chair of the Senate Energy Committee to convince FERC to deny the request, and the American Midstream Partners has now agreed to build a new line to replace the Midla Pipeline.


“Last year, the Midla Pipeline owners asked the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for permission to abandon the line, citing safety concerns. ButLandrieu, chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, and other members of the state's congressional delegation balked and lobbied FERC to deny the application.”
“‘If ArcLight, American Midstream and Midla had been allowed to go forward with their plan to completely abandon the Midla pipeline and the customers in communities across nine parishes, the result would have slowed economic growth and hurt Louisiana families,’Landrieu said. ‘I'm encouraged by the preliminary agreement that has been reached to ensure long-term, safe and reliable natural gas tens of thousands of consumers and businesses in Louisiana. This new pipeline will also help attract more industries to create high-paying jobs and greater opportunity.’”
“‘The bottom line is now we have a game plan to run a safe and reliable pipeline, which was the driving force behind this all along,’ said Peter Esposito, American Midstream's consultant who acted as lead counsel on the deal. ‘Nobody will be left without service…’”
“Vidalia Mayor Hyram Copeland said the agreement is critical to the future of not just his city, but all of the Delta parishes served by the pipeline.”
“‘This isn't just a pipeline; it's a lifeline for economic development and for the quality of life for residents,’ Copeland said.”
“‘It would have been devastating,’ said Copeland, who said Landrieu’s advocacy as chairman of the Energy Committee helped seal the deal.”
To read the full story, click HERE.

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