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Louisiana US Senate debate: med marijuana and rating Jindal, Obama

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dope-medPundits continue to argue whether Bill Cassidy, Mary Landrieu or Rob Maness won the recent televised Louisiana US Senate debate.


However, there were no disputes in a post-debate, post-mortem Bayoubuzz Hangout discussion over one of the questions at the debate’s end—whether the candidates favor the legalization of the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Republican and medical doctor Bill Cassidy said he favored the use while both Democrat Mary Landrieu and Tea Party candidate Rob Maness said they opposed cannabis to be used for medical reasons.{snippet 124}

While the particular question and responses might not have any impact upon the election, the fact that a republican favored the use and a democrat did not, at least in the minds of Lawrence Chehardy, Jim Brown and Stephen Sabludowsky, the participants in the post-debate discussion, the responses were surprising.  Moreover, they felt it would be interesting to see if and how the issue might be used during the balance of the campaign season.

Another short answer question, requiring a single word answer (yes or no) dealing with rating President Obama and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal not only led to laughter but what one might argue, maybe more political and not so truth responses.

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