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TP backs Landrieu, Jindal surplus uncertain, LaGOP politicians tweet on Ebola

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Jindal-collageCopping an endorsement

The final-push endorsement siren bell has screeched and Congressman Bill Cassidy can now claim he has the law on his side. The Louisiana Fraternal Order of Police is supporting Cassidy. Earlier this year, the Louisiana Sheriffs’ Association announced its backing of Senator Mary Landrieu.


Holy Ebola
Ebola is getting more attention of our politicians and candidates.
Today, Cassidy tweeted:

Bill Cassidy @BillCassidy
"President Obama clearly sees Ebola as a political crisis instead of a health crisis. We need real leadership."
Republican Congressman Charles Boustany and Senator David Vitter have likewise taken to the tweet rails to make their Ebola political points.

Charles Boustany @RepBoustany

"Mounting pressure on Administration to do something on flights from countries afflicted by Ebola:…"

David Vitter @DavidVitter

"Click below & add your name to stop Ebola & demand Tom Frieden's resignation!…"

Times Picayune
The for-now (until the New Orleans Saints season is over) the-everyday-paper-to- the- home- publication, the Times Picayune, has endorsed Mary Landrieu for US Senate. Their headline, “Mary Landrieu is the best choice by far for Louisiana: Editorial”

Jindal Budget

The big issue out of Baton Rouge is whether there is a Jindal-surplus, where did it come from and how can we spend it.

According to NOLA:

In fact, Louisiana spent somewhere between $141 million and $160 million more than it received through taxes, fees and other types of revenue. Under traditional formulas, the state actually ran a deficit last year.
"Based on how we've always done it, there's not a surplus," said state Rep. Joel Robideaux, R-Lafayette, chairman of the Louisiana House's Ways and Means Committee.
But Jindal's administration announced last week that it had found an extra pot of money -- which the governor's office claims totals more than $300 million -- that state legislators did not know existed previously. This extra funding would not only cover the cost of last year's budget deficit, but also would result in a budget surplus of $178 million, according to Jindal's budget staff.



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