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Cassidy, Maness, GOP answer real Obamacare, pre-existing conditions questions?

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obama-whistlePlenty of questions and theoretical remedies, false hopes, but no  real  solutions.

The United States Senate and the US elections are now two weeks away.   I hear promises, attacks, and commercials by groups who have no real interest in Louisiana at all and who provide no real answers.  Their goal are to win at all costs.  They throw out red meat knowing there are plenty of angry and hungry dogs ready for the next scrap.

 So, with precious time clicking away, I have some questions.   I would love real and honest answers from those wanting to get elected. 

Today’s focus is Obamacare and pre-existing conditions.  My questions are directed to Congressman Bill Cassidy and Colonel Bob Maness and the Republican Party, in general.

I also have some future inquires for Senator Landrieu and other democrats.

Question:  As you have been repeatedly clamoring--if Obamacare were to be repealed sometime after the next election, specifically what would happen to pre-existing conditions coverages and other popular provisions currently being provided by the law? 

Caution: Be specific.  Don’t tell us how you want to fix it.  Tell us how it will be done, with the same certainty you have about how bad Obamacare is for Americans.

Unquestionably, pre-existing condition coverage is one of the major healthcare reforms that have gone into effect since the Affordable Care Act became law.

It is exceedingly popular.  It also is quite expensive.

I am not asking for theoretical ideas how a presumed Republican controlled government will provide healthcare solutions in the future.  I am focused upon the fact that repeal of this government-induced benefit will simply terminate this coverage, kaput.  That is not theory, that is fact.

Plus, anyone who has any political experience knows that devising with a real plan, passing it into law and then implementing are two totally different animals.

Going through the possible scenarios,  should the GOP win the House and Senate, as campaign promises have been made, Congress will immediately  vote on a simple repeal of Obamacare.

As Obama still presiding, the President will certainly veto this attempt.  Congress will be forced to override.  Unless the Republicans make a dramatic sweep, the votes will not be there to override such an emotional issue.  Never and ever.  Anything to the contrary is pipe-dreaming.

Still, let us assume that somehow a Republican miracle occurs sometime after the elections or even after the next national election and the party controls the executive branch too—what happens next?

Well, the law and its provisions are officially dead. 

All of the benefits associated with the controversial law—portability, keeping young adults on parents policies until age 27, and yes, pre-existing conditions coverage, dies with it.

True,  Bill Cassidy, Maness and even Bobby Jindal have general plans as to how to build a new healthcare system and I am not about to disagree with their ideas as many of them are good,  in theory. 

But, the truth, as we all know in our heart of hearts, saying you want to create something and actually doing it are two different animals altogether.

I would love to build an airplane, but, funding that endeavor is the reality.

We know that lobbyist from all sides will want their respective clients to get a good slice of the next healthcare pie.

Plus, as we know from prior experiences, even enacting legislation does not mean it will be paid for.

In essence, the entire healthcare debate, you know, the one that has lingered for decades and decades—and before that, for even more decades, will continue unabated.

Remember, if our federal government repeals the healthcare law, those popular programs end and the likelihood they will continue is not guaranteed, whatsoever. 

Cassidy, Maness, Jindal and virtually all republicans I know say they want to repeal and replace.


So, how, with what and when?

Drilling even deeper into the issue, what happens to those people who have begun to receive coverage and treatment for their pre-existing cancers, diabetes, heart attacks, herniated discs and  the zillion of ailments that Americans suffered from prior to the provision going into place?

Also, what happens to those individuals whose new healthcare troubles suddenly began only after the pre-existing conditions coverage became law?  Are their treatments suddenly stopped?  Do the cancer chemotherapies and the radiation treatments suddenly become a lost “government benefit”? 

I know that my republican friends have been quick to moan and groan about all of the insurance policies that have been discontinued and to an extent, they should be angry.

The brunt of the anger should be towards those democrats for not disclosing what they knew and towards the insurance companies for not providing decent and affordable insurance coverages that meet the everyday needs of Americans.   They should also be angry at republicans for never getting behind the insurance companies to provide some of these basic consumer protections into the policies—which inaction has resulted in what we now know as Obamacare.

Should Obamacare be reformed?


It should be fixed as all major expansive reforms need legislative surgeries based upon the needs of the nation and the politics involved.

But those who are claiming they will “rip Obamacare out by the roots” must remember that in doing so,  they better have a plan and the votes in place to immediately pass legislation (and to pay for it) that will work.

Otherwise, those who say they have the cures to this “medical monstrosity” will be denying cancer, diabetes, heart-attack victims and so many others suffering from unfortunate health conditions, treatment they have grown to rely upon, even if they initially did not want it. 

Millions, who now depend upon medical treatment to save their own or the lives of their loved ones will be without. 

There is absolutely no guarantee those benefits or anything even close to it will ever become law and available.

Democrats brought us the Affordable Care Act with all of its warts.  Republicans say they will eliminate, not just merely fix it. 

Will they? 

I saw no.  I also say they will never answer these questions openly and honestly until the future hits them in the face. 

History and reality tells us we all should watch for what we ask.   Therefore, shouldn't we start asking these questions before it's too late?


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