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Tuesday, 21 October 2014 20:40

Times Picayune insults New Orleans once again with Mobile print operations

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tp-team Despite the long history of the Times Picayune in New Orleans, the management of the newspaper continues to show utter disrespect for the people they claim to represent. 

The latest blow occurred this morning with the news that the Times Picayune will soon end print operations in New Orleans. 


Over 100 employees, many of them with a long history at the Times Picayune, will lose their jobs over the next year. 

Henceforth, the paper will be printed in a more modern facility in Mobile, Alabama, while the old headquarters on Howard Avenue will likely be donated to a nonprofit organization. 

This announcement occurs several years after a mass layoff and the abandonment of a daily newspaper in New Orleans. Currently, the paper is printed in New Orleans only three times a week. 

With the move to Mobile, it may only be a matter of time before the city loses the printed edition of the Times Picayune altogether. 

It did not have to go in this direction. The Advocate has clearly shown that there is an appetite for a daily newspaper in New Orleans 

The newspaper owners refused to sell the paper to local groups, such as Saints owner Tom Benson, who vowed to continue daily print operations. Instead newspaper officials obstinately preferred moving to a three times per week schedule, causing a substantial layoff.   

This new announcement will cause another significant job loss, hurting the New Orleans economy once again. The Times Picayune could have chosen to upgrade print facilities at the old location or build a more modern print operation in New Orleans. Instead, Mobile will benefit and New Orleans will lose once again. If it really cared about New Orleans, the Times Picayune would not have ceased a daily newspaper or started to move print operations to another city.  

This sad day shows the true attitude of Times Picayune toward the people of New Orleans. This historic newspaper obviously no longer represents the Crescent City. 

Another clear example is the left wing political coverage. Most news stories are provided by liberal outlets like the Associated Press or the New York Times. 

In addition, the paper’s columnists are mostly liberals who do not live in New Orleans. The few token “conservatives” are really moderates, who are used to give the Times Picayune token political cover. 

The editorials are regularly slanted to the left. For example, on Sunday, the Times Picayune delivered a hard core endorsement of U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu, claiming that the 18-year incumbent was far superior to her opponents. 

Despite Landrieu’s consistent pro-Obama voting records, financial irregularities regarding her campaign flights, legitimate questions about her residency and her opposition to the people of Louisiana on a variety of important issues, the Times Picayune believes that the Senator deserves re-election. 

Every time, the Times Picayune gives a liberal like Mary Landrieu an endorsement it loses subscribers and advertisers. Eventually, the people of the New Orleans area, including the conservative suburbs which have a larger population than Orleans Parish, will abandon a newspaper that is obviously not truly invested in the region or in tune with the opinions or desires of its people. 

The only people smiling about this decision are those who will benefit the most, the management and ownership of the New Orleans Advocate.  

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