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Landrieu’s effectiveness, GOP threats, Cassidy raises Cain, Maness picks up Woody

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The Mary Landrieu campaign is circulating an article by Politico that highlights the effectiveness of her Energy Committee and her Homeland Security committee and her role as a legislator.  According to a Politico infographic, she is one of the most effective Senators in terms of co-sponsoring successful legislation during the “do nothing” Congress.

The Cassidy campaign and the Republicans have dismissed her effectiveness or “clout”, claiming she has been a puppet of Obama and would be backing Harry Reed for Senate Majority Leader and thus, whatever clout she might have will hurt Louisiana.



According to the Times Picayune, the Rob Maness campaign for US Senate is claiming that the Louisiana Republican Party has been coercing certain former followers of the Maness campaign to drop their support of Col. Rob Maness and instead, back Congressman Bill Cassidy.  There are questions whether the accusations are valid.  Recently, tensions have risen between Maness and Cassidy and now Maness and the LaGOP.   For either candidate, should one be in a runoff with Landrieu, the current negativity  could spill over into tension and dissension during the runoff.  Cassidy, who has a commanding lead over Maness at this time, will need the Colonel’s backing should he find himself in a runoff against the democrat incumbent.  Also, the GOP’s Chairman  Roger Villere, is denying any type of coercion being practiced by the party.

The claim is somewhat reminiscent to the US Senate race 2008.  At that time, Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand and St. Tammany Sheriff Jack Strain slammed leaders of the Louisiana GOP over their threat of censure for their support of Landrieu. 

Villere admitted the party’s disappointment that certain GOP public officials were in the Landrieu court but said the party was not censuring as it was not in the party’s by-laws.  


Wouldn’t label it the “soul train” but instead, might call him the “little engine that cain”

One of the top conservative African American political leaders will be blowing his whistle for Cassidy.

Bill Cassidy is promoting the upcoming presence of the “Cain Train”, or otherwise known as Herman Cain.   Cain will be helping Cassidy in Baton Rouge on October 25th to get out the vote. 


Jay Dardenne has been relatively silent in his campaign to be Louisiana governor.  His major opponent at this time, David Vitter, has been sending out daily emails with a national focus, such as Ebola, but urging the recipients help him keep Louisiana conservative (by electing him Governor, of course).  The requests are followed by a request for campaign funds for governor. 

Today, Republican Lt. Governor Dardenne  tweeted :

“Louisiana needs a Governor who will fight for our shared values. I promise to be that leader. Can I count on you?”.  He also included, on the tweet, a link to his site which says, “The Campaign Begins now”.   


The allegations from the Cassidy supporters and even a former high-ranking official of the Maness campaign team has been claiming that Rob Maness, a Tea Party member, is not really conservative and that his conservative stripes are of recent vintage.  These claims come at a time when Maness has received the backing of Sarah Palin, Tony Perkins and now according to The Hayride, Mary Landrieu’s first US Senate opponent, Woody Jenkins.  Today, Jenkins, a politician with significant conservative credentials, announced his backing of Maness.  

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