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Landrieu does wobble on Harry Reid, support for Obama

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landrieu-wobbleWe now know that both New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu and his sister, U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) are big dancers. In fact, both of them have been captured on video doing the “wobble,” a popular dance routine. 


Mayor Landrieu entertained a Mardi Gras crowd last year with his dancing, while Senator Landrieu cut loose at a Southern University tailgate party a few weeks ago. Yet, Senator Landrieu can not only dance, she can also party with the best of them. In September, she was captured on camera pouring beer into the mouth of a young man doing a handstand at the tailgate party before the LSU-Mississippi State football game. According to Landrieu, the keg stand antics are “how we roll” in Louisiana and her critics need to “get a life.” 

Louisiana voters can expect almost anything from Senator Landrieu in these next few days. In reality, while she may be raising a ruckus at these parties, it is all a show to try to connect with skeptical voters. It is election time and her seat is on the line. Polls show her losing in head to head races with both of her Republican opponents. 

This year, she is focusing on the 3% of the time she disagrees with President Obama and not the 97% of the time she supports him. Her commercials highlight her support of the military, border fencing and the oil and gas industry, instead of the Affordable Care Act. 

In the latest televised debate last night, Senator Landrieu stood by President Obama, even though his approval rating is only 32% in Louisiana. According to Senator Landrieu, “I am not backing up from the things that I have supported President Obama on." Interestingly, she has been “backing up” from inviting the President to campaign with her in Louisiana. She invited former President Bill Clinton and will host former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Saturday, but her political ally, President Obama, is nowhere in sight. 

On the question of support for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), Landrieu wobbled even more during last night’s debate. She would not clarify whether she will support Reid for another term as Senate Majority Leader next year. She stated, “I am going to wait to see what the leadership looks like…I’m not saying yes. I’m not saying no.”  Clearly this was a change in her position for she had earlier committed to supporting Reid. However, during the debate she denied the obvious by claiming, “I did not change my mind. What I said was — I said two or three months ago in the hallway that I would vote for Harry Reid. Tonight, I said I will consider what the candidates are.” 

Of course, everyone knows Reid is the only viable Democratic candidate for Majority Leader. He will win if Democrats win a majority in the Senate. If she wins re-election, Landrieu will join all of the other Democrats in supporting Reid. 

Once again, she is being disingenuous with the voters of Louisiana with her wobbly answer. She knows that Reid is as unpopular as Obama, only not as well known. The Senator is trying to create some mystery in her response and imply that she is a great bi-partisan leader, when every astute observer knows she is a reliable vote for Democrats on almost every important issue.   

Thus, the Landrieu wobble is not only on display at tailgate parties, it is also on display every election season for Mary Landrieu. Every six years, she misleads voters and tries to convince them she is a centrist fighting for the state, and not a hyper-partisan Democratic ideologue. 

We will know next Tuesday whether the voters will once again support the Landrieu wobble, or will they finally send this lifelong politician back home to whatever house she claims to live in. 

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