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Louisiana U.S. Senate debate top storylines: Dud, Obama and strong comments

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brown-hangoutWhat were the most important storylines from last night’s debate between Mary Landrieu, Col. Rob Maness and Congressman Bill Cassidy?  There is a question that publisher of Bayou Buzz, Stephen Sabludowsky asked to long-time political experts, Jim Brown and Lawrence Chehardy.


You just might be somewhat surprise with the answers?

Here is a rough narrative of the BayouBuzz Google hangout video interview but of course, the more accurate version is the video.

What do you think was most important story line from last night’s debate?

JIM BROWN: no good news in terms of any change that took place, kind of mad about the press, those who asking the questions and Cassidy for example "just regurgitates, it's all Obama's fault, everything in the world is Obama's fault”--well what are you going to do Congressman, what are you going to do?  You sit there and you bitch and moan you've done the whole campaign, when you even show up.  You want us to give you one of the most important jobs in America   you won't do anything just complain complain complain. And I can say that about all three candidates as of the biggest thing that came out for me is the lack of those organizing all of these debates about giving us some information.  The average voter out there doesn't know a lot about these candidates except that one is a Democrat who pretty much votes with the president and the other one is an obstinate Republican.  and then there's this guy Maness out there, seems like a nice fellow who is a little over his head. And that started from day one and I guess the thing I took about it, the last debate boy, this is a chance to make your case to really puts some zingers out there and then the big thing too, is, and  Lawrence I wish you would talk about this, because you have always been a good visionary out there talking about the future--there was no vision, there was no one out there saying now look--this is really important let me tell you about the future of our country.

If we are to be an exceptional nation would got to do more in Washington 123. We got none of that. I think the candidates did a terrible job but even worse were the press people there or the people asking the questions. They did a very very poor job in this debate and all of the debate so that's my overview, a really lousy show,  It was a waste of time for Louisiana voters.  You pretty much have to go into this well I don't like the Democrats, the Republicans and vice versa as personalities all three were duds and the press, in particular, in how they can handled it.

SABLUDOWSKY: okay, so from dud to Lawrence

LAWRENCE CHEHARDY: I wish I wasn't following duds

SABLUDOWSKY: I tell you really{snippet 130}

CHEHARDY: Well first off there is an assumption that the members of the media really know what's going on than the general public. And you saw a lot of softball questions last night and you saw a lot of softball questions in the previous debate. Candidates in a debate want to stick to their storyline and if you ask them a question that going to jump to that stump speech maybe a condensed version of it but that section of the stump speech on whatever the topic is. Because Pres. Obama is so unpopular in Louisiana , that's why you hear Congressman Cassidy and Col. Maness saying the entire world is bad because of Barack Obama.  Mary Landrieu finds herself yourself in a rather awkward position of having been pretty loyal to the president as far as her votes are concerned and her support for these programs but at the same time she knows that the president is incredibly unpopular in Louisiana so she tries to distance herself as best she can while at the same time wearing that mantle of being a Democrat who has historically supported the president.  I do not believe that last night there were any knockouts I thought it was rather frustrating that both Republicans basically laid the faults of the world on Barack Obama. I think that Barack Obama has a lot to be responsible for and I think that he is lack leadership in a lot of areas but like Jim I'd like to hear "what are you going to do about it", what is it that you going to do.  if the Affordable Care Act is bad and has bad parts in it need to fix it we have two members of Congress running for Senate--what legislation have you introduce to fix it? We didn't hear anything about that, if any.

If they introduced anything.  I don't think there were any knockouts last night I think that if you were leaning towards Mary Landrieu you're still leaning that way the same thing with Congressman Cassidy. The only other thing that I will say and I have to follow-up on somethingJim said, in passing, it does appear that Col. Maness is really over his head or is just lack of experience in political circles.  If you listen to what he said last night it was really all broad generalities. And he was basically just jumping on the frustration that people have with Washington. And I fully understand that I don't know a single person who is not frustrated with Washington. But, when you're running for the Senate when you're running for big office like this you have to say what it is that you want to do.  It's not good enough to simply say, "we'll sit at the table and figure this out".  

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay my turn I think that the biggest storyline or maybe two of the big storylines number one, is that Rob Maness basically went after Mary Landrieu. Now I know there's been a lot of talk about Maness being a stalking horse,  that he's in the race, that is being paid and funded by the Landrieu's or friends of the Landrieu's but if that were ever true I think he dismissed that and so that I think that from a poll standpoint I think that was trying to do is to make the best case that he is with the people more than Cassidy and so is trying to get into that runoff.  Otherwise I don't understand why he took on Landrieu as much as he did for the last year and a half or so his focus has been on Cassidy, so I was really stunned by that.  Any thoughts about that?  

JIM BROWN: Well i  think he's been getting some complaints about that or so as he's been winding this thing down, I never thought that he was a spoiler or in there with someone else's agenda but his own. I think he's a very genuine candidate and I think he was really encouraged by some tea party support thinking that he could really take off but realistically I think he's getting some advice, look, you probably are not going to get into this runoff, as a consequence if you want to have a future here, you'd been very very hard on Cassidy, we're not telling you to back off or apologize but you have not been quite as tough on Landrieu and you need to satisfy your base.  Their the hungry, they're out for blood.  They think they've got Mary Landrieu on the ropes.  And maybe he's doing kind of a little future thinking here with a week to go any elections, and saying I'm out of here , I still want to be a player and I want to come back into the Republican Party and work with that very conservative wing so that is just my surmise, I don't have any facts to point that out, but I think he's gotten a little more aggressive now on Landrieu for the very reason. He wants to be around after this is over and if he's just a spoiler or someone who's crybabying all the time there's no role for him in the Republican Party.Hhe may want to have that role, quite frankly, Steve.

SABLUDOWSKY: Okay, which goes into my argument from maybe two weeks ago that maybe he's not going to make it but anyway that's a totally different hangout--all the way, meaning, to the end of this jungle primary. So the second question is what he think were the highlights and though lights for all the candidates?

The answer to that question--next article{snippet 132}


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