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Landrieu issues statement on racism charge, Jindal does Fox News

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jindal-landrieuThe political theatrics continue during the days before Election Day.


Senator Mary Landrieu, who has been blasted by Governor Jindal, the GOP,  her opponents,  the right wing media has issued a statement regarding her recent statement she made to Chuck Todd of NBC.  Watch the statement and interview

Here is the statement, Landrieu released today.

“The main reason the President has struggled here is because his energy policies are not in line with the people of Louisiana. We are a pro-drilling, pro-oil, gas state. The offshore moratorium was extremely unpopular and, in my opinion, wholly unwarranted. It made a lot of people angry and put many businesses at risk. In addition, the south has not always been the friendliest or easiest place for African Americans to advance, and it's been a difficult place for women to be recognized as the leaders we are. Everyone knows this is the truth, and I will continue to speak the truth even as some would twist my words seeking political advantage.”

Governor Jindal also forward by email an excerpt from a TV interview on Fox News

Thank you for having me. I thought Mary's comments, our senator’s comments, were ridiculous and offensive. She is basically calling the people of Louisiana –calling all of us in the south racists. She owes us an apology. Here in Louisiana and across the south, we don't think in terms of black and white, in terms of racial colors. The only colors that matter down here are red, white and blue.On Saturday night, [it’s] purple and gold as we cheer the LSU Tigers on to victory. It's not about race. There are many folks who disagree with this president's policies, not just in Louisiana, but across all 50 states. It is just simply wrong. It is ridiculous to call people racist who happen to disagree with this president's policies.


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