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Louisiana US Senate prediction, US Congress: Seeing red

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capitol-dc Quite often I am asked whom do I believe will when the U.S. Senate race. At this point in time, while I am not backing any particular candidate, I believe that Congressman Bill Cassidy will either do much better tomorrow than anticipated or will be within a percentage point or so of Senator Landrieu.  I would not be surprised if Cassidy were able to pull off an open primary victory while I do not expect the Democratic senator to win heads-up.

While Tea Party candidate Rob Maness has run a good campaign considering his total lack of name and face recognition going into the contest, I would be very surprised if he were able to amass support exceeding single digits. 

When we wake up Wednesday morning, or when we go to bed Tuesday night, we will learn the Republicans have claimed control of the US Senate or they have fifty seats.  

Will my predictions ring true?

With mid-term elections always favoring the party out of power, with President Obama’s popularity in the tubes, with the party’s candidates doing relatively well with women voters and with the young voters being uninspired and feeling their votes do not matter, the GOP will end the election season, whether it be tomorrow night or December or January, with control over the US Congress. 

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