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Tuesday, 04 November 2014 18:54

GOP will win not because of message but Obama’s unpopularity

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obama-carter Six years ago, Americans were in the midst of their Barack Obama obsession. He was elected to the U.S. Senate and soon thereafter the presidency on mostly his charm, good looks and oratorical ability. Crowds swooned when he spoke, in fact, some fainted. He was more than a President; he was a political rock star. Of course, it helped that he was an African American with a very interesting background. The complaints about his lack of experience or his radical associates did not dent his very favorable rating with the public. The American people viewed Barack Obama as a politically fresh face, a young man on a mission of hope and change. He was seen as someone who would right the wrongs of the past and at the same time offer good government, transparency, a revived economy and an end to wars overseas.


It is amazing how things have changed for the worse for Barack Obama in the past six years! Today, his approval ratings are mired around 40%, while millions of Americans view him as a total failure on a range of issues. He receives negative marks on his handling of the economy, healthcare, terrorism, Ebola and immigration, just to name a few of the critical issues facing Americans.

While the President touts a great economy, Americans obviously believe that things are not doing well. Millions of Americans have left the workforce and those that remain employed do not see their paychecks increasing. There is great unease about the battle against Islamic terrorists, the threat of Ebola, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act among other issues. The border is not secure and millions of illegal immigrants are on the threshold of being given amnesty by President Obama.

Americans see government leaders moving in the opposite direction from their wishes on a variety of issues. There is anger at the political establishment in both parties that has continually thwarted the will of the people.

Republicans will win today not because of their message, but because they are not Barack Obama’s party. The Republicans have decided to basically say and do nothing as Obama and the Democrats implode.

Without a doubt, the thrill is gone for the President. Instead of people fainting at his speeches, they are fleeing the scene of the political accident named Barack Obama. At Temple University on Sunday, the President spoke to a half-empty arena. At a recent Maryland rally, streams of people started leaving while the President was speaking. 

These reports are indicative of how Americans view Barack Obama. Simply, he is viewed negatively and Americans now longer have trust or faith in his leadership. In the South, he is so unpopular; the President does not even bother attending any rallies or political events.

None of the vulnerable Democratic Senate candidates want anything to do with President Obama. In Kentucky, Democratic Senate candidate Alison Lundergan Grimes refused to admit she voted for President Obama, even though she was his delegate at the national convention. In Louisiana, Senator Mary Landrieu invited Bill and Hillary Clinton to campaign for her, but asked Barack Obama to stay away. Even though Obama admits that his policies are on the ballot and Landrieu voted with him 97% of the time, Landrieu asked the Clintons, not the President, to help fire up her base of supporters.

In one sense it is an accident of misfortune that Barack Obama was ever elected in the first place. Clearly, he did not possess the necessary experience or credentials for the most important political position in the Free World. He was elected on hype, hope and a prayer and we have all seen how it has worked out for America, in other words, not too well.

Barack Obama is an accident in another sense as well for he has wrecked the image of the Democratic Party. It is no longer the party of coalition builders and moderates; it is the party of the far left with Obama as the leader.

It is not Bill Clinton’s Democratic Party any longer. While former President Clinton famously said the “era of big government is over,” Barack Obama has given America nothing but bigger government from the stimulus bill to Obamacare.

Thus, the mid-term elections are not only a referendum on the presidency of Barack Obama, but also on the very role of government in our lives.

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