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Obama playing with matches on fiery issue, Immigration reform

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Tmatcheshe mid-term election should have been a resounding wake-up call to President Obama to change from his liberal agenda and start working with an emboldened Republican Party. On Tuesday, the GOP took over control of the U.S. Senate, expanded its majority in the House and gain governorships in such blue states as Maryland and Illinois. 


The voters delivered a clear repudiation of the Obama presidency and his quest to remake America. Amazingly, the tone deaf President did not admit his role in the Democratic Party defeats. At a Wednesdaynews conference, the President refused to acknowledge the message from the voters and continued to admit that executive amnesty was on the horizon for millions of illegal immigrants. 

The President is obviously a very slow learner and is continuing on a path that will bring chaos and ruin to this country. House Speaker John Boehner cautioned the President against executive amnesty and said that President should not “play with matches.” If he does grant amnesty and ignores the electorate, Boehner believes that Obama will “burn himself.” 

In Boehner’s view, if Obama grants amnesty, he will be acting “unilaterally” and exceeding “his authority.” How should Congress react to such a provocation? It can defund the presidential action or launch impeachment proceedings. At the very least, the GOP leadership should stop acting like Republicans and actually fight back against President Obama. 

On the issue of immigration, Republicans have been fearful of Hispanic groups and being labeled racist by the media. They have listened to their big donors in the business community who have championed the “cheap labor” of illegal immigrants. All the while, the majority of Americans have been calling for an end to this influx of illegal aliens and the securing of our borders. 

The election results on Tuesday are another indication that Americans do not want compromise with President Obama on this issue. They repudiated his immigration policies; however, the President really does not care what Americans want and is more interested in pursuing his agenda at any cost. Once he pursues executive amnesty, it will be a “slap in the face” to all legal citizens, especially Hispanic Americans who entered this country legally. 

The Republican Congress needs to act swiftly once the President imposes amnesty. They should declare that their only actions will be to ensure that the border fence be fully constructed, the border patrol increased and that businesses who knowingly hire illegal workers be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 

Sadly, too many Republicans want to work with the President on immigration reform. Former GOP vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) is still pushing for “constructive immigration reform.” Last year, the Senate passed an immigration bill that called for a pathway to citizenship, but, fortunately, the House refused to act on the bill. While Ryan wants to revisit this issue, the simple reality is that if the border is secure, a comprehensive bill is not necessary, the problem will gradually dissipate. 

Unfortunately, the problem today is growing because the border is not secure. This summer, Americans witnessed thousands of youngsters from Central America flooding into our country illegally. 

Like a child who does not understand consequences for destructive behavior, President Obama is playing with matches. While he may believe that executive amnesty will be good for the Democratic Party, it will cause more economic and cultural strain in the country. In addition, according to U.S. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), it will create “a constitutional crisis.” 

The crisis is coming and Republicans have very little time to prepare their response. An immense battle is brewing that will have major consequences for our country. Hopefully, the Republicans will listen to the people and not special interests. If so, it would be a refreshing change.   

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