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Money bomb for Landrieu, debate challenge, GOP unity, Incoherent Cassidy ad

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money-bombWhile the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee apparently has not put up the $1.8 million money it took off of the table for Landrieu television buys after the general election in which Democratic candidates got walloped at the polls, Mary Landrieu is continuing to raise money for her run against Bill Cassidy.


In an email from press statement, the Landrieu campaign said the grassroot "money-bomb" fundraising operation is going forward and doing well.

“The Landrieu campaign today announced Senator Mary Landrieu raised more than $400,000 in only online donations over the first five days of the runoff election from more than 14,850 grassroots supporters. Senator Landrieu’s fundraising report underscores confidence for a Democratic win in Louisiana in the December 6 runoff.
“Senator Landrieu’s supporters are proudly standing by her side in the runoff election and we are confident, with this outpouring of support, we will be able to celebrate a victory on December 6,” said Fabien Levy, Communications Director for the Landrieu campaign.
On Friday alone — the biggest fundraising day over the last five — the Landrieu campaign raised more than $185,000 online. Additionally, more than 14,850 individuals have donated since the fundraising effort started, with the average donation coming in at $27.
Part of the grassroots support came from an “Off and Running Moneybomb” fundraising effort, which ran from Thursday throughSaturday, and received a strong response from a solid foundation of contributors, including 32 of Senator Landrieu’s colleagues in the U.S. Senate pledging financial support. Each of the senators and groups also sent fundraising emails out to their lists, asking their donors to support Senator Landrieu in the runoff election.”


The TV commercials continue as two new ads have recently been released. 
This weekend, Landrieu launched a TV spot, which took a shot at a "fumbling, incoherent" Cassidy, who spoke at the Republican Leadership conference earlier this year.

Maness and GOP Unity
Cassidy, who is strongly favored to win the head-to-head contest, has consolidated its forces with an appearance with Tea Party candidate Rob Maness in the GOP effort to show unity within the party. Attending the “unity program” are Governor Bobby Jindal and David Vitter, two republican leaders who have consistently been at odds with one another.  Maness hopes to convince the roughly 200,000 voters who supported him to back Cassidy, a fellow Republican.

Debate over Debates

On Friday, the Landrieu campaign sent the following letter to station managers and debate coordinators, hoping to enable more debates than one that the congressman has agreed upon, to date.  

Dear Station Managers and debate organizers:
Thank you for your invitation to participate in the KTVE (week of November 17), Raycom (December 1), WDSU (December 2), WWL (December 4), and League of Women Voters (date undetermined) debates. Senator Mary Landrieu believes debates are a vital part of our electoral process and provide an unscripted opportunity for the voters to hear directly from the candidates.
As I am sure you’re aware, Senator Landrieu accepted all five debate invitations during the open primary, but unfortunately Congressman Bill Cassidy only agreed to participate in two, leaving thousands of Louisianians without a way to hear directly from the candidates.
In an effort to provide voters with every opportunity to hear from both herself and Congressman Cassidy, Senator Landrieu has already challenged the congressman to six debates before the December 6 runoff. While we were hopeful that he would actually accept this challenge so the voters could hear directly from the two top vote getters, Congressman Cassidy has instead created a spectacle by refusing to participate in any more than one debate, on December 1 — only a few days before Election Day and after early voting has concluded. We are hoping you can help change Congressman Cassidy’s mind and get him to participate in multiple debates that will allow you to hold your debate on you respective date, as well as give voters a chance to hear from him. One hour standing before the press and voters is not too much to ask for.
To help ensure as many voters from across the state are able to take part in the electoral process, we are asking all potential debate organizers to work together and to cover as much ground in Louisiana as possible — both geographically, by spreading debates across multiple media markets, and convenience, by spreading the debates across the 29 days we have left in this race. We don’t want to leave voters in certain media markets out, and we don’t want to wait until the very end so voters don’t hear from the candidates until only days before Election Day and after early voting has already concluded. Additionally, we’d like to cover the topics that are most important to Louisiana voters and are proposing themed debates, with the possible topics of education, jobs and economic growth, Social Security and Medicare, health care, energy and the environment, and international affairs and trade.
Lastly, so we can avoid 30- and 60-second sound bites and so we can keep with the original concept of a debate, Senator Landrieu is asking that the back and forth between the candidates is more free-flowing than it was in the debates in the open primary. This will give both candidates the opportunity to respond to the other’s comments. Congressman Cassidy’s campaign has told reporters he is tired of sound bites as well, so this should not be an issue to arrange. Standing at podiums, instead of sitting at tables, will also help facilitate this fluid conversation.
Again, we’d like to thank you for your invitations to debate over the next 29 days and would love to work with you all to ensure your debates takes place.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss further.
Thank You,
Ryan Berni
Campaign Manager, Friends of Mary Landrieu

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