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Keystone Pipeline, Cassidy and Landrieu tweets, Maness and Angela Hill talk Palin

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 palinThe Keystone Pipe political war continues today as Republican Congressman Bill Cassidy and Democratic US Senator Mary Landrieu fight the campaign PR battles.

Early Friday, the Louisiana GOP sent out this email statement:


The Republican Party of Louisiana released the following statement today in recognition of the passing of Dr. Bill Cassidy’s Keystone XL Pipeline bill:

“Today, Dr. Cassidy has once again kept his promise to Louisiana with the passage of his Keystone XL pipeline bill. Time after time, Dr. Cassidy has proven he can deliver on the issues that matter most to Louisianans, which is why so many people are supporting his campaign. That is the kind of leadership Louisiana wants from its U.S. Senator and it is the kind of leadership that Dr. Cassidy will continue to provide every day.”- Roger Villere, Chairman of theLAGOP


Cassidy, likewise, is taking credit for the passage and slamming his opponent, Landrieu.

His tweets following the passage:

Bill Cassidy @BillCassidy

2,247 days to act, and nothing. Why is Mary Landrieu just now moving on #KeystoneXL?

Senator Landrieu, meanwhile acknowledges cooperation of the House and Senate.  She does not share the Republican Party’s appreciation.  Obviously, Landrieu was able to reverse the US Senate leadership decision to not call an up or down vote on the legislation.  That vote is likely next week.

Mary Landrieu

I’m glad that Congress passed its copy of the Senate #Keystone bill. Their cooperation will help make 42,000 new U.S. jobs a reality. –Mary


Former candidate and Tea Partier Rob Maness issued this statement regarding an upcoming event this weekend. 

This Saturday will mark just 3 weeks until the runoff election and I'm thrilled to tell you that Gov. Sarah Palin will join us in Louisiana at a Unity Rally for our next Senator, Dr. Bill Cassidy.

I'll join both of them in Monroe, along with Phil Robertson, to stress the importance of Getting-Out-to-Vote.

We simply can't trust the national political media and assume that this race is already won; we need to get our friends and neighbors fired-up and motivated to vote on December 6!

Sarah Palin endorsed Maness during the general election.

Interestingly, one of the voices of WWL Radio tweeted her comments about the appearance:

Angela Hill @AHillWWL

Sarah Palin is coming to Louisiana to campaign for Republican Bill Cassidy. Who does this help: Cassidy or Landrieu?  

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