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Monday, 17 November 2014 21:21

Landrieu cries foul over new "Cassidy-ally" TV ad, calling it sexist

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cassidy The Louisiana US Senate Race moving fast towards the end with charges being made by both parties.


On the heals of a commercial which anti-Landrieu opponents claim to be an unfair personal attack showing Congressman Cassidy fumbling during a speech in front of the Southern Republican Leadership conference, the Landrieu campaign is calling “foul” to a commercial that pivots on the word “change”, which Landrieu camp is accusing as sexist. 

Here is the Landrieu complaint from its campaign:


Despicable New Ad Shows Senator Landrieu Aging Over Her Years In The U.S. Senate

Ending Spending Action Fund, an ally of Congressman Bill Cassidy’s, released a new television ad last Friday, November 14, attacking Senator Landrieu, saying, “Washington has changed Mary Landrieu.” But while the ad tries to play off the statement that Senator Landrieu has changed over her 18 years as Louisiana’s senior senator, the image on the screen includes an overtly sexist graphic that shows her aging over time.

“It is appalling that Congressman Cassidy and his allies would illustrate the Senator’s age progression with a leading phrase that Washington has ‘changed’ her,” said Fabien Levy, Communications Director for the Landrieu campaign. “This ad is as classless, as it is sexist, and Congressman Cassidy and his allies should remove from television immediately. This is simply another example of our opponents’ desperation and their efforts to detract from the real issues facing Louisiana voters, like raising the minimum wage, safeguarding Social Security, lowering student loan debt, and protecting women in abusive relationships.”

Congressman Cassidy and his allies have repeatedly aired television ads that avoid the major issues and have been called “false,” “bogus,” and a “ridiculous” by independent fact checkers, who have gone on to say the ads don’t “hold any weight” and “stretch the facts.”

One ad even has Congressman Cassidy lying directly to the camera. The independent write-up scolds Congressman Cassidy, calling the ad full of “hypocrisy.”

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