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Landrieu’s Hail Mary on Keystone XL Pipeline

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capitol-dcby Lou Gehrig Burnett, Publisher of Fax Net
Much of the drama evaporated from the Louisiana U.S. Senate race after Republicans gained control of the Senate in elections held on November 4.

But that’s not to say there isn’t a bitter fight taking place between incumbent Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu and her challenger, Republican U.S. Rep. Bill Cassidy.
In the primary, Landrieu led Cassidy 42% to 41% with Tea Party Republican Rob Maness getting 14%. Maness has endorsed Cassidy.
Landrieu has tossed a couple of Hail Marys in an effort to hold onto her seat for a fourth term in what is regarded as an uphill battle for her.
She has convinced the Senate Democratic leadership to allow a vote on the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline, a move she hopes will bolster her re-election chances. She also voted against Sen Harry Reid, D-Nev., to be Senate Minority Leader in the next session of Congress, but he was elected leader anyway.
Meanwhile, Cassidy is holding out a carrot to bolster his election fate. He has gotten the Republican Leadership to guarantee him a seat on the Senate Energy Committee, which Landrieu chairs until the end of this session and on which she would be the ranking Democrat if re-elected.
In addition, Cassidy has spearheaded a favorable U.S. House vote on the pipeline, which now awaits Senate action. Whether President Obama would veto the measure if passed by both Houses of Congress is unknown.
Cassidy is not taking for granted what most politicos expect is a sure victory in the runoff. He has been bombarding the airways with political ads beginning the day after the election.
On the other hand, Landrieu has been scrapping for funds, but has not been able to match Cassidy’s output. She saw a cutback in funding for ads from Democratic PACs immediately after the election, but since then, some have agreed to help.
Political writers note, however, that the Landrieus are known for winning elections they are not supposed to. No matter the outcome, they say, Mary Landrieu will not go down without a fight.

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Lou Gehrig Burnett

Lou Gehrig Burnett is the publisher of Fax-Net, a North-Louisiana newsletter.

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