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Louisiana ranked 21st in US for personal spending

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car-gas-moneyBlack Friday is upon us and consumer confidence is higher than it has been for a few years.  So, hey big spenders, are you ready to join the spending revolution, off and online?

If you are in Louisiana, compared to the rest of the country, you’re a middler—21st in total spending, not just for holiday gifts but for just about everything.

In the latest finding from WalletHub, which state leads the nation in spending?

Mississippi.  Louisiana’s neighbor.  The state that normally competes with Louisiana for being last in most good lists and first in those bad lists is ranked first, in spending.  

 Idaho, New Mexico, Alabama and Utah make up the top five in the Wallet Hub findings.

The nation's capitol, Washington DC, gets the lowest spenders recognition.

Is that good or bad?

Let’s take a look at some of the winners and losers of the respective categories.

Highest and lowest personal spending on gasoline and other  energy-related goods:

The winner?  North Dakota, the state leading the nation in economic growth in large part due to fracking.  The loser?  Hawaii.

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Highest and lowest personal spending on Housing and Utilities:

The winner?  New Mexico.  The loser?  Alaska.

Highest and lowest personal spending  on healthcare:

The winner? Mississippi.  The loser?  Hawaii.

But, before you are ready to congratulate your state for winning, losing or being a middler, like Louisiana, having the highest personal spending on basics might not be such a good thing, right?

Here are some of the other rankings to put it all in perspective.

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