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Thanksgiving Louisiana US Senate race--a Turkey of a campaign?

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turkeyThe fate of Mary Landrieu and the Louisiana US Senate race is now two weeks away and is interrupted by Thanksgiving holiday season and then Christmas festivities.  From all indications, Bill Cassidy, her opponent has a commanding lead.  But, Mary Landrieu has made some strong comebacks in the past, so can she do it again?

 WGSO’s Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz’s Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the US Senate contest and these issues during their Google Hangout Radio Talk Show webcast. 

Here is a transcript but watch the video for accuracy.

CROUERE: We're in the final days here, we've got the holidays in between, so it's really a strange situation what is your take on how things are going?

SABLUDOWSKY: Just like last week, I'll think is no difference, I don't think that Mary Landrieu has made any real progress in this race, so so you're looking at about 10 to 20 point difference at this time 

CROUERE: Some have speculated that the Democrats have abandoned her

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah yeah, I definitely say that, for sure. I certainly believe that they abandoned her last week on the Senate floor, I think she did very well in terms of getting one vote away from getting it passed (Keystone XL Pipeline) but it's still a loss and so for her it doesn't look good and and she's getting some money coming in but if you can't get on TV enough, even if you can, you've got to have a message and so I'm not so sure she has a message at this point in time.  I'll don't think it's resonating.

CROUERE: It seems she is being outspent big-time, don't you agree, it seems like most of the commercials I see our Cassidy or groups supporting Cassidy? 

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure, yeah, definitely.  Sure she has a fundraiser going on a think the Stevie Wonder is coming in, and I think I read that she's going up to New York for fundraising with Hillary Clinton or she has gone up to New York, I do think she's getting some of the money but {snippet 144}I think that when the Senate Democrat committee decided to hold back that money I think that was a real knife in the back to her. So I think she could've made it more competitive, she did not do as well as she should have at least in the last election but she still was ahead.  She was behind 10 at 20 points. So we will have to wait and see, now she has to get out the votes and so I just don't see how it's going to happen

CROUERE: Well she's legendary for getting out the vote and she is a big operation her campaign is certainly tried, tested, experienced so you think that she does very well in getting her base out able to see if she is able to pull off an incredible upset. I know Cassidy is campaigning today.  I'm going to try to see the event going on in the North Shore, they're bringing in in Rick Perry, they're bringing in some Republican heavy hitters.

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure and that is another thing, not sure what heavy hitters..certainly no presidential candidates other than Clinton from  before, I think their bringing in current US Sen. from New Jersey coming in but I don't see, he doesn't have the swagger or the stroke that Perry has and in terms of the Democratic Party is not what it was that so Mary Landrieu had an organization, has an organization, has a base, but when the governor, the lieutenant governor, the secretary state, the insurance commissioner, when the majority in the House and Senate are Republicans you don't have that infrastructure.

CROUERE: And I also read Steve where the Democratic Party is laying off people and so at a time you would think that they would be ramping up, would be bringing more personnel, they are letting people go, which again is another bad sign

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure, absolutely, it's a collapse, now they say is not going to make a difference but I don't believe that, I don't. I'll don't see  differences right now so unless they can really get out the vote and that's a big if and let's say that Cassidy's people for some reason think it's a snoozer don't go out there to vote.

CROUERE: That's always a big concern, overconfidence, complacency, look at Eric Cantor, he was 20 points ahead he want to sleep in the fina few weeks . And he was overtaken by a tea party guy who just had more enthusiasm, no money and that's just an example what can happen to a complacent campaign 

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah but that's not what's going to happen here.  The thing is, the thing is you have a groundswell of people, real activity going on is from the Cassidy camp you can tell from the emotions, from the callers on your show. The emotions are very strong.   The emotions on the other side are not and that's where the real difference is. Now you can have a situation that could really combust you can situation, a Ferguson type situation, where emotions just all of a sudden become inflamed , but I don't see that happening and hoping it won't happen.       




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