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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 17:37

Ferguson, Obama and race cards in the US

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race-fireWhat role, if any does race play in American politics today?  None?

Who is playing the race card, President Obama, African Americans, Hispanics?


These were some of the issues discussed on Tuesday’s Bayoubuzz-WGSO Google Hangout Talk Radio Webcast as conservative talk show host, Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky discussed post-Ferguson riots and their racial implications.

Below is a rough transcript of Part I of their conversation about this issue.  Watch the video for the more accurate discussion.

CROUERE: his national security team, Steve he's the anti-Clinton Pres. he doesn't learn from elections he's not a leader, he's extremely partisan, extremely divisive, and I think the history books will record him {snippet 146}

SABLUDOWSKY: I don't see any leaders, I'm sorry I'll see any leaders on the other side and you're right I definitely believe that he needs to do a better job and in bringing this country together but the leaders I see who trying to make news by being divisive and being recalcitrant, I'm sorry--this country is not going to work, this country is not going to work.  I've been around quite a while, unfortunately, in this country is really in bad shape but it's in bad shape because of the extremes 

CROUERE: And I put Barack Obama at one of the extremes Steve.  Steve, he's on the far left extremes. a look at the Democratic Party why has it had such trouble it got smoked during the midterm election there is no Democratic Party really in the south anymore, Steve they are, they have been destroyed, but they have done it to themselves 

SABLUDOWSKY: I understand and I tell you this I think in two years you will have a reverse. Look I would have wanted Obama to have been more to the center I think he's been more to the left but I think the reaction to him has been repugnant.

CROUERE: it's not based on race, Steve, it's not based on race. It's based on ideology

it's based on race and its based on--

CROUERE: There's was a lot of hatred  against Carter, Clinton and other liberals by conservatives they did not like their ideologies.  If it were racism, you wouldn't have the same people embracing Dr. Ben Carson, people like Allen West--race is not involved in this 

I don't agree with that

CROUERE: I totally disagree with you

SABLUDOWSKY: I think race does play a role and you say doesn't play any role at all, I think race plays a role I think it has played a role, but to say that Obama lost the South because of race-- no, that's not the case but I do think it plays a role in everything that happens, everything that happens 

CROUERE: Because he plays the race card completely...

SABLUDOWSKY: And he's only one who plays the race card?

CROUERE: He plays the race card constantly. he's the one dealing the cards from the bottom of the deck hi sinfully Steve. That's what he does. he specializes in that

SABLUDOWSKY: you and I are just and have to disagree.  You say that race plays no role at all?  This would you saying?

CROUERE: I'm saying that if he were a conservative if he were someone who's preaching the principles that we believe in , I think you would have tremendous support for the guy just like he would be celebrated like Dr. Ben Carson at the ministry dinner that I went to in Baton Rouge. He had 1000 people giving him a standing ovation and I say that there were maybe two percent black folks in there, I don't see the racism, that the critics of the critics of Obama see, I see he is disliked by the way he has governed 

SABLUDOWSKY I think that's true, I think that's true but to say that race doesn't play any role at all I think that 

CROUERE: okay will just disagree on that.  Let's bring on Jim from uptown, Jim how are you?

Jim: it's funny, I think when the race card works for them, it's fine, when it works against them it's racism. There were people on the right who voteed for him because they wanted to make history, Were going to vote for this black president because we trust him and this is what we get?  And now when we decide that his policies are poor and that he's a very divisive man, the only thing different between him and Al Sharpton is that he is a --- and a better speaker, that's only difference-- he's an agitator and he's all the things that you describe him as..he's a president of agitator he's a president to divide people and that's what he does.  He's not a president to everybody in this country. now when the race is working against them and the polls are working against them now all these  all the same people who voted for him and who are now against them are now racist.  Sabludowsky I don't know how you can stick your head in the sand 

SABLUDOWSKY: I didn't say that sir..I do say that so I think that maybe you're to listen to this recording 

jIM: tell me where I'm wrong, please tell me where wrong

SABLUDOWSKY: ididn't say that Jeff and you know I didn't say that

CROUERE: Jim any final comments as we move along

jIM: no I would just like Mr. Sabludowsky to tell me where I'm in accurate, where am wrong in this conversation 

CROUERE: okay that's Jim from uptown

SABLUDOWSKY: what I said was is that race does play a factor.  it plays in every, in just about every decision that we make as a country, race plays a role, sometimes a place of big role, sometimes it doesn't play as big of a role. I likewise said that I don't think that Obama lost the South this last election because of race I think it played a factor, it's up, it was a factor, but to say, like you said, Jeff, that it is no factor at all, I totally disagree with that

CROUERE: I talked to a lot of people  who oppose him-- I talked to a lot of people, Republicans , conservatives and tea party folks, moderates and independents and I have never sensed that ever, ever that race is a factor at all.  and you say that you see it 

SABLUDOWSKY: absolutely

CROUERE: I report to you about the people I see, the people I communicate, because the liberals of constantly throwing out there and Obama is constantly throwing out there, I don't see it

SABLUDOWSKY: of course you don't see it. 

CROUERE: If they were racist they would be talking about

SABLUDOWSKY: your part of it

 CROUERE: I've never heard it.  I never had and so I think it's a phony argument


CROUERE: let's go to Brett on the North Shore

SABLUDOWSKY: Brett how are you

BRETT: good morning good morning Steve. I think that race plays a factor only as much as it also does by the decisions made by the African American community in the Hispanic communities.  it's not dominant among the conservatives at all maybe one or two 



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