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Cassidy vs. Landrieu week: Debate, rallies and scandals

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 landrieu-cassidy-debateWe’re finally down to the week of the Louisiana U.S. Senate race.   With many of the Louisiana political activists focused upon the race between Democrat US Sen. Mary Landrieu and her opponent Congressman Bill Cassidy, based upon prior elections of voter turnout,  a majority of registered voters in Louisiana will stay home and away from the polls.

 Political scandals, GOP domination of the U.S. Senate, federal funding, political appointees, US Supreme Court justices, and other national issues affecting our daily lives are at issue.  

Despite the lack of interest of many, the week promises to be a real political hum-dinger full of rallies and discussion of scandals along with the debate over the US Senate debate. 

Starting today, a group calling itself the Black Conservative Fund, holds a 11 o’clock press conference to present what it claims to be shocking never-seen videos of Democrats possibly breaking the law. On Saturday, the same group forwarded a video of US Sen. Mary Landrieu’s  Chief of Staff  Don Cravens Jr. claiming that the US Senator will still vote 97% for Pres. Obama.  James O’Keefe, the “pimp who brought down ACORN” claims to have “eye-popping” information his group has uncovered in a undercover video sting. O’Keefe, went to jail the last time he secretively took on Landrieu when he and his team pretended to be the phone repair service for the purpose of taking video within Landrieu’s New Orleans federal office.

Not to be outdone, the Landrieu U.S. Senate campaign has a very busy day. This morning, various supporters have fanned across the Southeast Louisiana to show their support.  Delaware Senator Tom Carper and Florida Senator Bill Nelson are holding multiple events in the area and former Louisiana Senator John Breaux is visiting Bollinger Ship Yard and a BP facility at Shriever. .

The senator will be holding her own press conference in Baton Rouge to discuss the latest developments related to a controversy over whether Congressman Bill Cassidy’s performed any work for LSU medical Center  while getting paid roughly  $50,000 in salary and benefits.  She has asked Cassidy to present his records to tonight's debate.  In response, Roger Villere, Chairman of the Louisiana GOP has urged Landrieu to bring her own outstanding records related to "Chartergate", a scandal related to Landrieu charging her official office for campaign flights expenses. 

The only debate of the runoff takes place on statewide TV. With Landrieu seemingly behind the Congressman, this could be her last chance to attract new voters to her camp.  It will also be an opportunity for Cassidy to remind voters of her 97% voting record backing President Barack Obama.  The debate will be on Fox 8 in New Orleans and is being covered by CSPAN.

Also tonight, Steve Wonder is performing at a fundraiser for Landrieu.  

(Above is a video playlist of a recent Google Hangout with Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky and former Jefferson Parish Assessor and attorney Lawrence Chehardy, discussing the last week of the campaign)


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