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GOP Sen. Guillory says 10% of Louisiana votes are fraudulent

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 vote-twiceLet us give Louisiana Senator Elbert Guillory credit.

According to a press release, he was instrumental in overturning an election in Turkey Creek Louisiana due to voter fraud.  No doubt, we should thank him and others who believe it is necessary to remove the cancer any fraudulent, coercive or unfair behavior from our elective process.


However, as I mentioned yesterday, he needs to tell us how and why he knows that the last Landrieu election, there was about ten percent of the her vote that was fraudulent.

On Jeff Crouere’s WGSO radio show on Tuesday, Guillory played an audio in which the Mayor of Oppelousas Don Cravens told an audience to vote twice and often. (listen to the radio excerpt)

I opined that this was done in a mocking fashion, to mock those who believe that there is extraordinary amount of voter fraud in elections, say, like ten percent of a recent election.

Cravens made a statement that he was joking.  It was  a stupid joke, if he were doing just that.  It allowed Senator Guillory to  put a big ribbon around the democrats, blacks, the Landrieu’s and cast them into a package of voter fraud.

So, how would this voter fraud take place?

According to Guillory, if a person dies, someone else will vote in his place, and do it multiple times.

Forgive me, but, I thought that you only die once.  Multiple times?

This is what later followed:  

Crouere: How much voter fraud would you say goes on in a typical Louisiana election?  How many votes do you think are fraudulently cast?

Guillory: Well, if you look at that last Landrieu election, at least ten percent of them were fraudulently cast. 

Crouere: Wow

Guillory: And that’s a lot of corruption.

Earlier Guillory said that in Landrieu precincts, there were 110 and 120 % of the precinct voting.

As a Louisiana State Senator, I believe Guillory as an obligation to substantiate his claims.  First, if the corruption is in fact going on, it needs to be stopped—one out of ten votes being false.

At a time when everyone is suspicious of one another, when we are in the middle of the Super Bowl of politics, a US Senate race involving a Landrieu, when our American cities are being threatened by riots due to race, when the right-wing hates the left-wing and claims the very worse of the other, at the very minimum, we need to make realistic statements.  Especially, if one is a major elected official claiming that his political opponents are hurting blacks and don’t care about them at all.

There is probably only one thing worse than public corruption.  That is claiming public corruption without the facts or the ability to prove the facts. Not only does those type of claims smear the elected officials and the voters alleged to be involved, but it casts a multiple black eyes upon Louisiana's face.

Guillory should go public in his next video to tell us exactly how he knows that one out of ten votes are for dead people or someone else.  

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