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Louisiana US Senate wrap: GOP backed Cassidy, Demos gave up on Landrieu

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landrieu-cassidy-debateMore, Louisiana US Senate race analysis and talk--WGSO's Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz's Stephen Sabludowsky--continued the debate following this weekend's election in which Republican candidate Bill Cassidy ousted Democrat incumbent Mary Landrieu.  


Here is the transcript of their radio talk show-Google Hangout discussion

CROUERE: What do you think the voters were saying on Saturday?

SABLUDOWSKY: Honestly, obviously, they voted for Cassidy and against Mary Landrieu and I think what they were saying that they were rejecting Mary Landrieu and Pres. Obama. that's a simple message that everybody has been saying that they were saying so I'll think it's not any more than that. By the way, before the election I predicted that it would be 58 to 42,  So I was pretty close.

CROUERE: You were close  I think I predicted 55 to 45 so we were both close.  it was right in that ballpark.

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah  {snippet 149}

CROUERE: And of course, I think, that the voters are just hoping they get better with representation from Bill Cassidy  someone more in line with their views. I think that Obamacare was still a big issue and I think that her support for Obama on a lot of issues. it really was a Senate race that was more nationalized than any other Senate race.   Not only the issues but the money they came in from out-of-state

SABLUDOWSKY: Yeah, no question about that.  I think when Landrieu was unable to get the Senatorial committee, the national Senatorial committee to pony up the money for TV commercials, that basically did her in. Not that I think the she really had much of a chance from the get-go. I think about a year ago that's when the tide began to turn against her.  At one point in time, and I'm talking about post-Obama care issue, she was the most popular statewide elected official and that was only about two years ago, roughly. And that was an incredible decline when the only thing that really interceded was the rollout of Obama care and of course those issues that were related to the rollout as well as the issue related to whether you would be able to keep your insurance. 


SABLUDOWSKY: Other than that, the only thing that happened was being inundated with outside money coming in and framing the debate. 

CROUERE: And of course, she didn't even feel comfortable bringing in Pres. Obama.  He did not campaign for her here, She had to use such surrogates such as the Clintons whereas almost every major Republican star came here to campaign for Cassidy. She got abandoned by her party, Cassidy got supported by his, but she made missstep after misstep, a horrible race as to how it was conducted, all kind of mistakes and it was just one thing after another and so she ended her career, at least for the time being on a sour note.  Do you see her and this is one of the issues I through out out yesterday, what do you see her doing in the future, do you see her running for office again? 

SABLUDOWSKY: Good question. I mean, right now no, although they never thought Richard Nixon would either, and Mitt Romney, being another one who may be coming back to life so, you just never know. 


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