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Democrats should blame Peterson, party, not Koch or Fox News

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winners-losers In the wake of a massive loss and the defeat of the only statewide elected Democrat, the state leader of the party is delightfully delusional about what happened. 


In a web column, Louisiana Democratic Party Chairwoman Karen Carter-Peterson blamed Fox News and the Koch brothers for her party’s woes. According to Carter-Peterson, “the fact of the matter is this -- the non-stop, onslaught of negative and inflammatory Koch Brothers ads, added to the toxic media environment driven by Fox News and the right-wing echo chamber, have made it challenging for us to drive out our message to voters.”

 How ridiculous! Earth to Karen Carter-Peterson, it was not some nefarious outside group or a cable news channel that caused your party’s massive losses, it was your liberal message. 

In truth, Democrats own the liberal news media, except for Fox News, and there was plenty of outside money flooding the state on behalf of Senator Mary Landrieu in the last election. The political reality is that Democrats are out of step with Louisiana voters on a host of important issues. From Obamacare to gun control to illegal immigration to abortion, the Democrats advocate positions that most Louisiana voters abhor. 

In her campaign, Senator Mary Landrieu tried to tout a long career of supporting pork barrel legislation as a reason for voters to re-elect her. In contrast, the people of Louisiana were more concerned with her liberal voting record of supporting President Obama 97% of the time. 

Democrats need to realize that the Obama agenda does not represent Louisiana values. Until Democrats start to moderate and advocate candidates who are true centrists and conservatives, the party will never win another statewide election in Louisiana. 

The fact that a hard core leftist like Karen Carter-Peterson is the Chairman is indicative of the problems facing the Louisiana Democratic Party. She finds fault with bogeymen, but does not look in the mirror. 

It is pretty pathetic for the once proud Louisiana Democratic Party to only have one congressman representing the state on Capitol Hill next year. They have no one serving in statewide office and a rapidly diminishing percentage in the legislature in Baton Rouge. 

How did the formerly dominant party lose the state so completely? It lost its connection with voters on a range of issues. In recent years, Louisiana Democratic candidates took marching orders from the national party and did not listen to the people of the state. 

At least the Republicans, for all of their faults, are on the right side on the issues. In addition, personality politics are becoming a thing of the past in Louisiana, thankfully. It is no longer possible for a charming crook to get elected, witness the downfall of former Governor Edwin Edwards. 

In the age of 24/7 news cycles and nonstop political programming, voters are more aware of what is happening nationally. They know that Louisiana Democrats support the agenda of Barack Obama, who registers an abysmal 32% approval rating in the state. 

Until that connection is over and the party moves to the right, the Louisiana Democrats will continue to wander in the political wilderness.

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