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Seahawks’ Carroll Faces New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush, Ellis Again

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reggieSeahawks coach Pete Carroll will face two of his former USC players when Seattle goes against the Saints on Sunday in the Superdome at 3:05 p.m.

Carroll said he plays against former USC guys every week and he has no special plans for stopping Reggie Bush.

"I've tried for years in practice to stop Reggie," said Carroll. "We've played against guys who are USC guys every week. It's not strange. It's kind of fun to watch them play and see how they do. It's interesting to have insights on them, but it doesn't seem to help so far. All the USC guys have played well when we've played them."

How about Saints defensive tackle Sedrick Ellis?

"Sedrick's a guy we had for five years, too," said the coach. "Surprisingly I can't seem to find a way to help our guys at all. Those are guys are playing great football. We know  that Reggie causes a bunch of problems, All those things we've seen them do, we know they've done that before. People couldn't stop him then. It's hard to stop him now. We're going to try. We'll do the best we can to see if we can keep him corralled.

What are Carroll's impressions about the impact Bush has had, given the expectations of where he was drafted and the career he has had thus far?

"You're accurate on that his impact goes beyond his stats because he is such a factor and you have to deal with him. That helps their football team. So, just looking at the numbers they won the first two games with them it's been hard ever since. He's a fantastic player that causes problems.

"Sometimes when he's not getting the ball, he's still causing problems. because you have to  make sure you pay attention to where he is and what he's doing. They utilize him so beautifully. You just can't take your eyes off of him. Sometimes when you have four guys on him you can't stop him. I've seen him so much. To try to slow him down in scrimmages and stuff is really challenging."

"Whenever you're picked second in the draft, people are going to have extraordinary expectations for you. It's always hard to live up to those and somebody's always going to be disappointed. The things that they're doing with him are the things we tried to do with him in college. You try to get him space. You try to get him matchups. You try to utilize his great speed and ability to bust plays and games wide open.

"They totally understand it. Sean Payton is great at it, utilizing him and deploying him and all that. You can see by the way they're playing him, he's not getting the ball 25 times a game from the tailback position, but he's still a factor in playing championship level football obviously. So, it can't be more obvious. They won a World Championship with him. Whether the critics are satisfied, who cares. They're playing great football with the guy and he's a big factor in that."

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by Ed Staton

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