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Friday, 12 December 2014 20:18

Jindal's prayers; liberal Louiaiana GOP Congress? UNO Cuts

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As so many of us so well know, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is single-focused:  The White House.  In advance of what many believe to be his opening statement in his “official” presidential-run announcement, he is bringing in scores of religious leaders to the  LSU for prayer.

 Jindal, back in 2008, indicated during in inaugural speech that the era of governors putting themselves ahead of the people, was over.

That was seven years ago, and times have changed.

In promoting this religious revival,  Jindal issued the invite on his own governor’s stationary.  Doing so is not a sin.  However, the obvious purpose of the prayer is his presidential run couched in praying for America.  It is bad enough that he is using the state university to further his own political cause, but he is using the trappings of his office as well as government property, stationary, to further his ambitions.

It is not the money, it is the principle.

Then yesterday, his press sent out a statement regarding the CIA’s response to torture.  What in the world does this issue have to do with Louisiana?

Without my opining over the justification of the interrogation treatment, the issue is not that Jindal spoke out on behalf of President Bush’s policies.  More relevant is his use of state resources, his staff, for his clearly personal agenda.  In the email he said,” today, Governor BobbyJindalissued the following statement on theCIAinterrogation report and President George W. Bush, whose actions kept America safe after 9/11.

GovernorJindalsaid, "It is clear that the Democrats wrote and released this report in an attempt to once again attack President Bush. I remain very proud to have worked for him, and proud that he kept America safe in the aftermath of 9/11. This report is one-sided and partisan. The Left hates the former President, they always have, and now, six years after he left office they are still campaigning against him. The undeniable truth of the matter is this – President Bush kept America safe after 9/11 from terrorists that wanted to kill us. This is simply a fact. President Bush is a good man and I am honored to have served in his Administration.”

At what price do we allow the governor or any elected official to use state property and resources to promote their own personal national political careers? 

Somehow, I think the “then”  Governor Bobby Jindal, who blasted former governors for self-serving practices, would have then been appalled over  just how he has abandoned those very values he once said he treasured.

And interesting read on his prayer rally from Jindal is a Failure and a Fraud (Why Everyone Should Ignore his "Prayer Rally")


UL board of supervisors approves closure of 7 UNO degree programs
“The programs recommended for closure include four in the College of Education and Human Development: the bachelor of science in early childhood education, the master's and doctorate in special education, and the doctorate in curriculum and instruction.

In the College of Liberal Arts, the graduate programs in political science and the master of arts in romance languages are also in the list for closure.  “

Mary Landrieu gave a moving farewell address on Thursday to the US Senate


WWL’s focus on oil and gas industry money flowing into the state capital.


According to the CR (Conservative Review), the conservative position on the $1.1 spending bill the House passed on Thursday only had two Louisiana Congressman voting against it.  The CR’s conservative position was against.

Who were those two “conservatives” ?

Congressman John Fleming and Vance McAllister

This is from the CR

House Vote on Funding Obama's executive amnesty

$1.1 trillion spending bill that funds Executive Amnesty

Vote Result Date: 12/11/2014

Conservative Position: liberal position

This 1700+ page, $1.1 trillion Omnibus spending bill granted President Obama full funding for 11 of 12 federal departments for the remainder of the fiscal year - without any congressional restrictions on his unilateral action on amnesty, Obamacare, and environmental regulations. Worse, this bill actually provided Obama with an additional $2.5 billion in funds to facilitate his executive amnesty. Most egregiously, this 1700-page bill was crafted as a backroom deal by lame duck senators who were rejected by the American public in the November election. Speaker Boehner placed the bill on the floor with only 48 hours to read all 1700 pages.

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