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Scalise talks Obamacare, executive amnesty, gun control

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crouere-scalise-picDestroy Obamacare.  Stop  President Barack Obama’s “illegal” executive amnesty.  Obliterate efforts to control gun ownership and the thwarting of the second amendment;


These are just some of the issues discussed daily on conservative talk radio and particularly on Jeff Crouere’s popular talk radio show on 990AM every morning.

As would be expected, these certainly were some of the issues discussed when Jeff Crouere interviewed Louisiana Republican Congressman Steve Scalise Tuesday morning.

Scalise is now the 3rd-most powerful member of the US House of Representatives having been elected Majority Whip.  He, is doing a Christmas vacation media tour on Talk Radio stations to discuss President Barack Obama, the upcoming Republican agenda and more.

He and Crouere discussed issues ranging from the war in The Middle East, gun control, regulating EPA, Obamacare, Speaker John Boehner, immigration and more.

In the first part of the interview series with Scalise, the focus was on Middle East immigrants being sent to the United States to escape the horrors of war, the efforts by President Obama and his administration to control guns and to eviscerate the second amendment,  the efforts being made by republicans to fight back EPA regulations, the GOP efforts to repeal Obamacare and the recent controversy in DC focusing upon the awarding of what conservatives call illegal activity by Obama on immigration reform.


{article k2:Republican Scalise re-elected to House seat}{/article}

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Tomorrow Part 2

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