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New Orleans Saints, Seattle Seahawks Recap Before Cowboys Turkey Match

Written by ed-staton
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With the Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints, at 7-3, getting ready for a Thanksgiving game match against the now 3-7 Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day, the Seattle Sehawks contest is now history.  The Saints take a three-game-winning streak into the Turkey Game against the once-1-7 Cowboys who are sporting a two game streak of their own.

But before talking turkey, let’s take a quick look at the past Saints-Seahawks game to see what the two sides are saying and how some of the media are signing in.

How the Saints/Seahawks saw the game:

Saints coach Sean Payton (General comments) "I'm excited with the win. It wasn't always clean, but I thought we played with a lot of energy and effort. We had some guys fill in, a long snapper and some other guys filled in and played a significant amount of time when they  haven't been playing as much. I was pleased. We will be on a short week now so we are really going  to have to get past this game and go on to the next one.

(On holding out Reggie Bush) "It was strictly 'Is he ready to  play today.' And that's the decision. I'm optimistic this week."

(On three-game winning streak) "It's good to be playing with some momentum. We have a lot of games we have to work our way through, This short week will be Dallas. We don't have to call it anything other than we've won our third game in a row and now we get on to our next challenge, which is a short week with a game on Thursday."

(On if this is the best the offense has looked) "The second half we got sloppy, had a couple of penalties and just weren't able to close as we would like. I was pleased balance, the ability to run the football."

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll (General comments) "This was a very difficult game. We played against a teams that showed the way. Credit the Saints, their offense, Drew Brees. They did what they're famous for. They threw the heck out of the football.  They played a great football game on offense.

"We couldn't slow them down the way we needed to. We weren't able to eliminate the easy opportunities for them. There were a couple of key penalties in this game that gave them second shots at us. It was too much as good as they are."

Quarterback Drew Brees (On if more points should have been scored based on the offensive production) "Both offenses moved the ball pretty well. Our guys did great by holding them to field goals and getting a couple of those big turnovers in the second half to give us great field position.

"The thing that disappoints me is that we got over 500 yards of total offense and we get down inside their 10-yard line on three occasions and get away with zero points. We had the two interceptions and missed the field goal. Those are frustrating. We are not where we want to be in red zone efficiency."

Wide receiver Marques Colston (On his performance) "It definitely feels good to have a breakout game. That's what our defense does.  It could be anybody's big day. Today, it was just my turn."

Wide receiver Robert Meachem (On the offense's efficiency lately) "In the beginning of the year all you heard about is the Super Bowl champions trying to defend their title, You just put a little more pressure on yourself than you have to. Now, we are just going out there, enjoying the moment and having fun."

(On the defensive coverage keeping him in front) "They are doing that. Sometimes, you see the safeties playing 30 yards deep. It's just something you have to adjust to. Coach Payton is going to come with a good game plan on Wednesday and we will be implementing it on Sundays."

Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy (On the game) "One thing you can't do against as good offensive team playing well like the Saints is allow them to convert on third downs. Brees was terrific today."

How the media saw the game:

Jerry Brewer, Seattle Times: "In this zigzag season, it's a fitting contradiction that the Seahawks left the Superdome as blowout victims Sunday afternoon and reacted as if they had merely completed a good  practice.

They lost to the Saints by two touchdowns, but these irregular Seahawks were neither disgusted nor discouraged. Strangely, you couldn't accuse them of being disillusioned either.

There is no such thing as a moral victory or painless defeat in big-time sports. But if losses tend to conceal virtue, consider this one an illuminating disappointment. The Seahawks come away feeling like this butt-kicking served a purpose greater than humility.

FROM PAUL Alexander in the Dallas Cowboys General com: "The Family has done to me what it did to Al Pacino. It keeps pulling me back. In explaining, I will try to be less over-wrought than Michael Corleone, and will attempt not to over-act One Note Al. But the 'Boys keep pulling me back. I had actually achieved a degree of resignation, detachment and even serene acceptance of 1-7. It was train wreck, but as the athletes say, 'It was what it was." It's been my experience that train wrecks are train wrecks They're lamentable, but incurable. And Red grabbed the ring. And then The Family whacked their New Jersey rivals, and looked confident, professional and even stylish in doing so. Are the 'Boys dangerous again?" The Saints will find out on Thursday.

by Ed Staton
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