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Lamar White interview: Scalise-Duke story background, parts 1, 2

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dukeThere has been much debate over whether Steve Scalise knew or should have known the white supremacist, Neo-Nazi about David Duke’s Euro meeting in 2002 which has caused a tremendous commotion among local and national political circles.  Scalise has apologized for his actions twice, has said he does not recall the event.  David Duke’s associate, Kenny Knight initially appeared to claim that Scalise spoke at the Euro meeting and then said Scalise only spoke to a group of a neighborhood group and not Duke’s group.


Last week, the blogger who broke the story, Lamar White Jr. , talked with Jim Brown and Stephen Sabludowsky about the controversy.

In part I of the interview, White discussed his background.  He blogs from his site,  and  is currently in his last year of law school at SMU.  He has called himself a liberal blogger.  He recently helped break the news about Congressman Bill Cassidy’s LSU “double dipping” allegations, which controversy arose the last two weeks of the campaign against then-US Senator Mary Landrieu, who Cassidy bested in December 2014.{snippet 179}

Also, in part I, Jim Brown, former Louisiana State Senator, Secretary of State, Insurance Commissioner, candidate for Louisiana governor, discussed the Scalise issue in context of his own campaigns.  Brown, who ran seven political campaigns, had his own experience with coffee with members of his then-right-wing opposition, a group considered at the time to have white supremacist leanings.  Brown raised the question whether that experience should impact his own legacy.

In part 2, Lamar White provides details regarding how he first got involved with the story, the association Scalise had with Duke surrogate Kenny Knight who invited Scalise to attend the conference.  White stated that Scalise and  Knight were neighbors and probably knew one another.  White said the association was considered to be a hate group, was well known in the area.

The blogger also contends that the group, when it held its meetings would place confederate flags, Neo-Nazi logos and other white-supremacist paraphernalia around the room and as a result, Scalise should have known to whom he was addressing.


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