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The Response: Jindal’s speech, a “no-go” for his campaign

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jindal-state-of-unionDéjà vu, of sorts?
In late February 2009, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, gave the response to President Obama’s national address. As it turned out, Jindal bombed and has been suffering the consequences ever since.

Today, President Barack Obama is delivering the state of the Union speech in Washington. Jindal will not be giving the response, although, later this week, he will be hosting “The Response”, a bizarre political event shrouded under the cloak of religion. Jindal is using the event build up his ties to the religious right by announcing that solutions have failed and as a result, the country must turn back to God.
But on the eve of Obama’s speech, however, Jindal gave a speech in England which is creating responses all over cyberspace and other media. Despite strong apologies by Fox News which repudiated the “no-go zone” claim, Jindal has been insisting that England and France do have “no-go” zones where non-muslims do not enter, which practice Sharia law and which the host-country allows.
When asked about the “no-go’s” on CNN, he refused to directly answer questions about their existence and location, but rapidly tried to change the subject by claiming the political correct did not want to speak the truth.
Jindal while trying to make the point that foreigners should assimilate when they live in other lands, has once again become to brunt of jokes and the focus of harsh criticism.
In fairness, however, there have also been media who defend his statements.
So, what are the media outlets saying today about Jindal’s Henry Jackson Society speech that has made international news for the Louisiana governor? Here is a sample of recent comments and articles:

This is the sort of ill-informed fantasy that plays well in certain right-wing circles. This probably works for Jindal back home in Louisiana…..

Jindal was apparently on a 10-day "fact finding" mission designed to bolster his credentials for a possible run at the White House in 2016. He's not as stupid as he sounds, in fact. (Indeed, he was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford, where he must have learned something.)
Let's hope that he is a quick study, and that he learns how not to say idiotic things in public that cause a good deal of offense, if not harm, to unsuspecting people, fueling hatred rather than coming to terms.
The Lord Mayor of Birmingham, CouncillorShafique Shah, responded to the comments in a conversation with Here & Now’s Jeremy Hobson.
“I think for someone to make comments like that about Birmingham is totally unfair,” Shah said. “Birmingham is a great city, it’s a very diverse city, and here we have people from all sorts of backgrounds and religions… It’s a place where people don’t just tolerate each other, but build friendships.”
Though offended, Councillor Shah sees a silver lining. In response to the accusation, citizens of Birmingham came together to defend their home. “In a way,” Councillor Shah said, “it’s brought people of Birmingham together. They are very proud to be a British citizen and also very proud to belong to a Muslim religion.”
Oh, Gov. Bobby Jindal. If we can't get you to believe volcanoes exist, how shall we ever convince you that Muslim "no-go zones" do not?
Arsalan Iftikhar made a bigoted attack on Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal on Monday's Now with Alex Wagner on MSNBC. Iftikhar asserted that the minority Republican politician was trying to make himself more white by hyping "no-go zones" in Europe: "He might be trying to scrub some of the brown off of his skin as he runs to the right – you know, in a Republican presidential exploratory bid." ...
I wonder how often Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal cruises the streets of London. My guess is, he has never done it and probably never will. If he had, he’d know that there’s no such thing as a “no-go zone” in London where sharia law applies and where religious police patrol the streets. The notion is absolute nonsense.

jindal-twoThe Gray Portrait of Dorian Bobby Jindal

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