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Louisiana Polls: Governor, US Senate, Attorney General races

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kennedy-officeby Lou Gehrig Burnett, publisher of Fax-Net

Are you ready for some polls?
    As expected, polls are beginning to pop up everywhere for races in Louisiana in 2015.  The main interest is, of course, in the governor’s race.
    But also getting attention is the Attorney General’s race as well as a race for the U.S. Senate should Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter get elected governor.

    Here are: the polls taken in January:
Governor’s Race
    Two polls have been released recently dealing with the governor’s race.  One was conducted by OnMessage Inc.of Annapolis, Maryland, who polls for Gov. Bobby Jindal.  Here are the results of that poll:
    *New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu (D) – 28%.
    *U.S. Sen. David Vitter (R) – 27%.
    *State Treasurer John Kennedy (R) – 11%.
    *Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne (R) – 11%.
    *Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle (R) – 6%.
    *State Rep. John Bel Edwards (D) – 4%.
    *Undecided – 13%.
    Another poll on the governor’s race was commissioned by state Treasurer John Kennedy.  It was conducted by North Star Opinion Research of Alexandria, Virginia, and did not include Landrieu.  Here are those results:
    Vitter (R) 24%, Edwards (D) 20%, Kennedy (R) 13%, Dardenne (R) 10%, Angelle (R) 2%, and Undecided 12%.
    A recent poll by Southern Media and Opinion Research of Baton Rouge on the governor’s race did not include Kennedy.  Without Kennedy, the results were Vitter 36%, Edwards 26%, Dardenne 19%,  Angelle 3%, and 16% undecided.
Attorney General’s Race
    Kennedy also commissioned North Star Opinion Research to do a poll on the Attorney General’s race as he tries to decide if he will seek another office other than Treasurer.  Here are those results:
    *Treasurer John Kennedy (R) – 23%.
    *Alexandria Mayor Jacques Roy (D) – 18%.
    *Incumbent AG Buddy Caldwell (R) – 17%.
    *Former U.S. Rep. Jeff Landry (R) –19%.
    *Undecided – 32%.
U.S.Senate Race
    Kennedy also asked North Star Opinion Research to poll a U.S. Senate race should Vitter be elected governor.  Here are those results:
    *Mitch Landrieu (D) – 39%.
    *John Kennedy (R) – 18%.
    *U.S. Rep. Charles Boustany (R) – 13%.
    *U.S. Rep. John Fleming (R) – 7%.
    *Undecided – 23%.
    As one can see, Kennedy appears bored with his job as state Treasurer and is looking at running for another statewide office.  He has not made a definite decision.
    The polls indicate that Kennedy would have a good shot at the Attorney General’s job.  The big question there is where would Democrat Jacques Roy’s vote go if he does not enter the race.
    What has caught the attention of pundits is the strong showing by Democratic New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu in the polls for governor and the U.S. Senate.
    The polls were conducted on the heels of his sister, Mary, being defeated in her re-election bid for the U.S. Senate.  Most pundits do not believe he  will run for either post and will be content to remain as mayor the Big Easy.
    Should he do so, he would likely face the same problem as his sister faced with the state now voting Republican for statewide offices.
    It is still early, and there will certainly be many more polls before the field of candidates is established in all of these races.  On the other hand, the path to governor for Vitter may not be an easy one.

GOP: Potpourri of candidates
    The battle for the Republican nomination for president in 2016 is shaping up to be unbelievable.  There are no fewer than 14 potential candidates.who are casting an eye towards the White House.
    Presently, two familiar names are leading the pack – Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush.  But some prominent conservative Republicans are saying neither can win and are looking for fresh faces.
    Here are the latest standings after the Huffington Post analyzed more than 40 polls:
    *2012 nominee Mitt Romney – 28%.
    *Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush – 11%..
    *African-American Dr. Ben Carson – 10%.
    *New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – 7%.
    *Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee – 7%.
    *Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul – 7%.
    *Wisconsin U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan – 5%.
    *Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker – 5%.
    *Texas U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz – 5%.
    *Florida U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio – 3%.
    *Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry – 3%.
    *Ohio Gov. John Kasich – 2%.
    *Former U.S. Sen. Rich Santorum – 2%.
    *Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal – 2%.
    Whether all of these potential candidates enter the race remains to be seen.  And the field will surely thin out once the Republican presidential primaries begin.
    Fearing another long and contentious primary season, the Republican National Committee has drafted plans to condense the season, including a very early National Convention to be held in June 2016.  The 2012 convention was held in August.
Dems want Hillary
     Meanwhile, Democrats have no doubts about whom they want as their standard bearer in 2016. She is a former First Lady, former U.S. Senator, and a former Secretary of State.  Of course, it’s Hillary Clinton.
    Here are the results of a survey of Democrats:
    *Hillary Clinton – 62%.
    *Massachusetts U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren – 17%.
    *Vice President Joe Biden – 7%.
    *Former Virginina U.S. Sen. Jim Webb – 2%.
    *Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley – 2%.
    What has Democrats so inclined to support her for the presidential nomination is the fact that polls show her defeating every potential GOP nominee.  Here are the results of the hypothetical matchups:
    *Clinton 55%, Mitt Romney 40%.
    *Clinton 54%, Jeb Bush 41%.
    *Clinton 52%, Chris Christie 40%.
    *Clinton 53%, Rand Paul 41%.
    *Clinton 55%, Ted Cruz 38%.
    *Clinton 54%, Mike Huckabee 40%.
    *Clinton 53%, Marco Rubio 37%.

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