Wednesday, 24 November 2010 17:13

Jindal Reform: Make Louisiana Governor Spot Part-Time, Too

Written by stephen-sabludowsky
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Bobby Jindal now wants Congress to be a part-time-job.

So he said in a recent interview for a national audience.

Jindal said, {quote}"Make [politicians] part-time{/quote}. Give them term limits. Don’t let them become lobbyists. When they have to live under the same rules and laws they passed for the rest of us, maybe you’d see some more common sense coming out of Washington, D.C. Instead you got a permanent governing political class." 

Sounds like the very type of words one would express when having lunch and sipping tea before the Tea Party Express bunch.

Also, Sounds like a good idea, right?   

After all, this is coming from our Louisiana Rhode Scholar who has been campaigning the state on his “Building a Better Louisiana for Our Children” while many of our college kids feel the state now is taking a different road than building a better and more educated populace.

This is coming from our state’s Media-Seeker-Campaigner-In-Chief who ran the legislative session by absentee and proxy but who appeared before national television cameras nearly on a daily basis spewing the same message over and over.

This comes from our general who spared his chief of staff in favor of a political sabbatical during the height of a real environmental and economic crises at the very time he kept yelling that we had "not a second to spare" and that we were "fighting a war for our very survival".

This comes from our state’s chief political and governmental head who took advantage of the BP oil spill disaster by apparently writing a self-promotional book during the very time our state faced the worse emergency since Katrina.

This comes from our state’s top ambassador who got reamed by a frustrated university student-body president that sent letters to city newspapers begging that his guv return home and focus upon domestic matters instead of building up political IOU’s campaigning for out-of-state strangers and not in-state fellow same-party government officials who desperately needed his attention.

This comes from our state’s top book salesman who has made a national media tour pumping his own political future which pumped his self-stylized image while the reality of the collapse of state services is about to fall of the steep cliff, yet, with no plan in sight.

This comes from the state’s most popular author who is raking in dough peddling his “Crises and Leadership” on our dime while he touts himself as a political savior at the very time the average Louisiana citizen falls deeper into economic despair.

And, this comes from our head budget cutter who now should explain to the people paying his salary why the positions of Louisiana governor and Chief of Staff should not be part-time gigs.

So thank you Governor Jindal.  It is time for some common sense so the next time a political reformer comes our way we make sure he does not become a “permanent governing political class” making money off a book, and doing part-time work on a full-time salary--at least,  not while he's on  our payroll.


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