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Unfit to govern: the Black Caucus, Jindal and Obama connections

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jindal-obamaThe relative fitness of Pres. Barack Obama and Bobby Jindal have now become a national issue, as well as a statewide controversy.  The question has been raised this week due to the Louisiana’s governor’s own self-promotional theatrics.  


As usual, Jindal, in order to get attention for his pathetic, laughable and desperate campaign for the White House--while totally ignoring the needs of those people paying his salary--put himself, once again, in a position reeking of hypocrisies.

While in front of television cameras, after an audience with Pres. Obama, Jindal reiterated what he had before written--that the president is unfit as commander of chief due to his handling of ISIS and the Middle East.

Part of the reason that Jindal claims that Obama is unfit is because the president is unwilling to tag these lunatics as “Islamic terrorists”.

Jindal, as others, have responded that if the president cannot admit the problem, he would not be able to fix it.

We can all debate the wisdom of the president not using the term Islam in targeting the enemy, but that issue is for later discussion.

More important is the very substance of Jindal’s complaint--one cannot solve the problem if one cannot recognize it.

In Louisiana, we’re dealing with a $1.6 billion budget deficit directly due to the Louisiana Governor’s  mishandling of state government. Anyone keeping up with the ABC’s of the state budget knows of the  deep hole facing us all.  That budget deficit coupled with prior administrative policies are causing  irreparable damage to higher education and healthcare. Anyone following the most objective of facts would know that the governor is not telling the truth about the deficit’s cause.

Jindal, wants us to believe our fate is directly and seemingly exclusively caused by the sudden and cataclysmic drop in oil prices. Ludicrous.  The truth is otherwise.  Louisiana was suffering from a billion-dollar budget shortfall well before oil began to tumble.

In other words, Bobby Jindal wants to table his own involvement in causing this mess and divert all attention onto his slashing the president and Jindal’s personal recipes to fix America.

Jindal is not simply concerned with hitting, running and ruining Louisiana.  His eyes and hopes are upon America Next.

The Times Picayune, today, in an editorial “Forget About the President” summarized the theater of the absurd as succinctly as anyone.

It said, “it is easy to take the governor’s comments in turn the tables on him”.

Unfortunately, It is not only easy, the governor has made it an imperative and impossible not to do so.

In this case, Jindal cannot fix the Louisiana economy until he admits the root cause of the problem. Since he is not telling the truth about the cause of our misery, he is in no position to be part of the fix.

Unless he admits the contributions of his own devastating policies causing our budgetary craters, he can only make things worse.

The governor needs to stop pointing the finger at oil and at all of the rest of the world.  He must  acknowledge that his own shortsightedness and selfishness has brought Louisiana to the brink of the destruction of many of institutions we value dearly.

So, it came as no surprise to me when I read Times Picayune commentary refer to the governor’s fitness for office.

In relevant part, the TP said:

It is easy to take the governor's comments and turn the tables on him: He is unfit to be governor of Louisiana because he has put his political ambitions ahead of the state's pressing needs.

We, too, take no joy in saying that. We have urged him repeatedly to focus on Louisiana and what is best for our state.

There are difficult and important decisions to be made in Baton Rouge. That is what Gov. Jindal should worry about while he's still running the state.

(Bolded, our emphasis)

This afternoon, members of the Louisiana Black Caucus held a press conference via phone to discuss the governor’s lack of involvement in state affairs, while focusing upon Obama and elsewhere

While one should factor in the political component of this press conference organized by the Louisiana Democratic Party, the exigencies of the budget circumstances were unquestionably at the forefront.  So, of course was Jindal’s lack of focus and obsession with slamming the president as a predictable way to attract national relevance.

Rep. Jackson, started the phone press conference with remarks and made general comments.

According to Jackson, Jindal has on a number of occasions, disrespected the office of the president and “have questioned things that are not even ethical for him to question”.  She said, the legislature and the governor need to take a very close look at tax exemptions, tax credits, tax rebates in all of the things “we offer businesses to assure that those things are not being offered on  the back of ones who work hard to send their children to school and colleges and universities who made strides throughout the state in the areas of research and educating our students and also K-12 education as well as healthcare”  She said, “it's very imperative, number one, that the governor stop holding conferences on the White House lawn and begin holding conferences and meetings with legislators to help solve this budget crisis”

After the other legislators’ comments, wondering if they had read the TP remarks, I asked them if could comment upon those statements. 

Below are their replies:

Rep. Patricia Smith

I have not read the column this morning but I can tell you that based on the reasons that he says the president is unfit, he truly is unfit. He's never here, he has young people running his office and those young people that are up there dealing with phone calls from them on a lame-duck governor, who in my opinion doesn't really love Louisiana

Representative Katrina Jackson

I had an opportunity to review the column and I understand it was a column in direct response to what he has been saying about the president and as we sit on this call and talk about the disrespect from the remarks about the president I can understand why the Times Picayune and any other media outlet would question whether or not he is competent enough to run the state, to be governor of the state the Louisiana. And right now, I am so far past questioning his competency just like I am not interested in him questioning the competency  or the love of this United States has for us. Where we are, where we stand, the bottom line, you are elected to represent Louisiana. At this time, you can stop focusing on the president of the United States that the people of the United States elected to represent them and what your personal feelings are and I'm not focusing on his at this time. What I'm focusing on, what we're focusing on is his constituency and his ability to come home regardless how weak a governor he is and actually sit down and talk to legislators and constituents and figure this problem out. And make sure that the drastic cuts that he's proposed in higher education and healthcare and other areas don't occur.

Rep. Regina Barrow

I'm deeply disappointed in this governor in that he has not been fiscally responsible and that's been evident since he took office back in 2008 when he had a budget surplus and now were up to $1.6 billion deficit because we have continued to give out more than we take in and that is certainly not a fiscal responsible person in my opinion. 

Rep. Edward T. James

I want to kind of echo my comments to what representative Jackson, it is not even a question of unfit.  It is more a concern of unwilling. I believe that Louisiana is in the governor's rear view and I think that it is time that Democrats and some of our colleagues on the other side, we've laid out proposals before together on the budget and I think that this time I would hope that if the governor continued to ignore the legislators  that we continue to show some independence and take the budget and craft the budget that protects higher education and health care.  Because we all know the governor has been absent for seven years.  I don't expect for him to come in the next seven months and try to have some type of presence here at the capital in his last session

It should not be taken lightly that a well-respected editorial staff of a large city newspaper has made the made remarkable assertion that the governor of its state is unfit.   If anything their statement is serious.  It is also sad.

Hopefully, our governor, Bobby Jindal, will realize sooner rather than later, that his own lunacies and his untruthfulness are making him less fit to be taken seriously--not just as a presidential hopeful, but, more importantly, as the Commander in Chief of a state in utter disarray.

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