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Rest Louisiana, Grover Norquist and Jindal have your back

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groverIf you’re a college student trying to etch out a career without going bankrupt first due to skyrocketing tuition, don’t worry; If you’re a business person depending upon the tax credit for inventory to get you through the year, no problem; If you’re a member of the working slugs, trying to get medical treatment for your family, don’t sweat it;  But, if you are a Louisiana legislator, trying to keep your Capitol part-time job, you’ve got a problem.


After all, Grover and Bobby have got our backs.  Actually, they’ve actually got us all where it hurts.

In case you’ve been vacationing on the moon, you likely now know that Louisiana is facing fiscal judgment day.  The state is suffering the nightmare of bad dreams syndrome, a budget hole so deep, it knows no bottom. This shortfall will cause unspeakable damage to the already pitiful healthcare and education systems in Louisiana.  Having been kicked in the groin annually since Bobby Jindal took his first oath of office, they are preparing for the next wallop that could lay them flat on the mat.

But don’t fret.  Team Jindal feels our pain.  To alleviate our miseries, they will ask the Louisiana business community to sacrifice-- cutting back on the inventory tax credit.    Why should the legions of university professors, students, doctors and healthcare providers and the rest of us monopolize the land of the misery.  There is always space to accommodate the suffering.

Yet, Jindal’s own protégé, Stephen Waguespack, now leading the charge for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry, says Bobby has gone too far.  The LABI chieftain claims reducing the tax credit would make Louisiana business less competitive.

Not to worry.

Grover and Bobby have your back.

This spring, while the angry activists and lobbyists march through legislative committee rooms to protect from budgetary beheading, you do know--the governor will comfort you.

We can hear his sympathy for our collective plights when he tells others to grow a backbone. We can read his sorrows as he pens for Politico or the Wall Street Journal or when he releases his fifty-page plan on destroying Islamic Terrorists.  Through his eyes, we feel his compassion as he jets daily to Washington DC, or Iowa or New Hampshire.

We should know--Grover and Bobby have our backs.

And Grover has Bobby’s back too.  Indeed, Grover Norquist, the most powerful DC lobbyist, has blessed Jindal’s inventory tax scheme. 

According to various news reports, Team Jindal and the Grover Norquist gang have been communicating via email about whether the inventory tax would violate the sacred “no tax increase pledge” of which the Norquisters make certain politicians sign with their blood.

No respectable politician of conservative stripe would ever raise a tax, especially one, whose only thought is to be in Grover’s grace in route to the White House.

Since Grover says bludgeoning the inventory tax would not be a tax, but a mere reduction in state spending, the business community will just need to join the miserable.

But, if you’re a Louisiana legislator begging Gov. Jindal to discuss how you and he can fix this budget deficit horror--you both have caused over the past seven years--face it, you don’t rank.

You’re no Grover Norquist.  You get no audience.  You’re not on the Jindal radar.

Jindal’s got the job he wants and loves.  He can travel to destinations GOP, speak on topics of international interest, write national OPED’s or speak to Hannity whenever he so pleases.

And he has Grover’s ear and blessings to tell us how to fund our universities and hospitals and our businesses.

As long as Grover has his back, the governor will give us his own rear.

Which we have kissed repeatedly since he graciously took over the mansion.

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