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Hillary Clinton coronation slammed by private email scandal

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hillary-compressedWith the bombshell revelations that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State used a private email account to conduct official business, there is a growing chorus of liberals such as Ron Fournier of the National Journal who are now questioning her inevitability as the Democratic Party nominee for President.


Amazingly, Clinton only used a private email account for all of her State Department business. The most serious issue is that the use of a private email account could have exposed Clinton’s correspondence to our enemies. It would have been quite easy for computer hackers to discover Clinton’s correspondence on servers that were not secure. This could have put Americans in danger and caused a serious national security problem.

Not only was her choice of a private email account potentially harmful to our nation, it was also a potential violation of law. At the very least, it was a breach of State Department protocol. In addition, the emails were not recorded in the State Department computer servers, a violation of the Federal Records Act.

Finally, two months ago, 55,000 pages of Clinton emails were added to the State Department servers, but it was only a partial record of her correspondence. The decision was not made by State Department officials, but by Hillary Clinton and her staff. It begs the question of how many emails remain hidden and why are those records not being released to the public?

One of Clinton’s potential GOP opponents, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, is blasting Clinton on the email issue. He is calling for Clinton to follow his lead and release all of her emails, thus providing full transparency to the public. Bush and others should not hold their breath waiting for Clinton to be forthcoming since she has never been forthcoming in her life in the public spotlight.

Many Americans no doubt remember the Rose Law Firm records and how they were missing for so long, only to mysteriously appear after so many months of being “lost,” what a coincidence. The Rose Law Firm investigation is just one of many Hillary Clinton scandals. Who can forget the White House Travel Office, Whitewater, “bimbo eruptions,” and the supposed “vast right wing conspiracy” to target her husband?

This email scandal is not the only new Clinton “scandal” to surface in recent days. Last week, it was discovered that the Clinton Foundation accepted donations from foreign countries during Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State, despite assurances to the contrary. In January, we learned that Bill Clinton flew 11 times on the private jet of Jeffrey Epstein, the convicted pedophile. On one flight, a soft core porn actress joined Clinton aboard Epstein’s plane. The former President also vacationed on Epstein’s private resort, which is where sex crimes are alleged to have occurred.  Although Clinton has not been accused of having sex with underage girls, the association with a pedophile is quite the problem for his wife’s presidential aspirations.

Along with the scandals there are lingering concerns about Hillary’s health and about whether she has the stamina to handle a long and grueling presidential campaign. All of this will certainly encourage her potential opponents in the Democratic Party to stop the ongoing push for a Clinton coronation and demand that the party seriously reevaluate its plans before the next presidential nomination.   

In 2008, similar concerns about Clinton paved the way for a young outsider, Barack Obama, to snag the nomination from her grasp. In this election, her major competition will not come from Vice President Joe Biden, who is too gaffe prone to be taken seriously, but it may come from U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) or former Navy Secretary Jim Webb. One thing that is certain is that the competition will surface now that there is political blood in the water.

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