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Ex-Louisiana GOP leader urges Jindal to resign

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bagertYesterday, former lawmaker and top Republican official Ben Bagert called for Governor Bobby Jindal’s resignation on the Jim Engster Show, citing neglect for his home state in favor of a hyper-partisan national agenda, specifically Grover Norquist’s Americans for Tax Reform, and shady budget practices. 


Bagert is an attorney who served in Louisiana State Legislature for 20 years, in both the House of Representatives and State Senate.  He also ran for US Senate against J.Bennet Johnston and David Duke after receiving the republican nomination.  He withdrew from the race shortly before the election.

According to the Louisiana Democratic Party, which sent out a email regarding Bagert's comment, these are the "Key Takeaways":

“There are a lot of things [being] done that are not advancing interest of the people of Louisiana but advancing Bobby Jindal’s personal ambitions.”

“It’s a shame that [any] public official in Louisiana would have to first get the permission of Grover Norquist, a fellow who is in Washington, D.C.”

For the full interview, click HERE.

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