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Is Ambassador John Bolton a candidate for U.S. President?

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What are Ambassador John Bolton’s plans for the upcoming Presidential elections 2016?  It had been reported that he has helped Bobby Jindal in the area of foreign policy.  Will he continue doing so, should Jindal decide to formally declare his candidacy for the nation’s highest job?


In a wide-ranging telephone interview with Bayoubuzz publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, the former Ambassador to the United Nations under George W. Bush revealed that he just might not be playing a backup role during this upcoming national election.

Here is the transcript of the interview.  You can watch the video presentation of the phone interview.


SABLUDOWSKY: Now it's been reported, at lease down here in the newspapers that--you're helping Bobby Jindal, you're helping him--are you supporting him for president, or are you? 

AMBASSADOR BOLTON: Will certainly talk to him about national security issues and I'm happy to do that, I'm not supporting anybody, at this point, in fact I'm still thinking about getting into the race myself because I'm so concerned that national security being the top of the priorities and top of the debate in the presidential campaign but I have enjoyed talking to him and I think he is headed in the right direction but at this time what I'm trying to do is set the entire national political debate, first obviously in the Republican Party and the nomination process but that ultimately looking at who were going to face in November 2016 and despite her recent stumbles on the State Department emails it looks like that's going to be Hillary Clinton and while think that her term as secretary of state was badly flawed, she can still talk the talk and obviously I think public and nominees have got to be ready to go ahead to head with her

SABLUDOWSKY: So getting back to your statement that you're thinking about jumping into the GOP am I correct the GOP side and


SABLUDOWSKY: For president.  So how far along are you in that decision-making process I mean when would you be making a decision whether you are going to be running or not?

BOLTON: Well I'm thinking about it, I'm doing the due diligence that you need to do to make a sound decision. I've been to Iowa, I've been to New Hampshire several times, this is my first foray into South Carolina but I think it's important to do this, this is a big decision to make and I would not make it lightly one way or another, that's for sure

SABLUDOWSKY: Sure {snippet 187}

BOLTON: I don't have a particular timetable, I think this race is wide open on the Republican side and I think I have the advantage of having time of thinking about it carefully.

In future parts of the interview, Bolton discusses his support of U.S. Senator, David Vitter, for Louisiana Governor, Hillary Clinton’s email controversy, “No Go Zones” and more.

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