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John Bolton discusses Jindal’s “No-Go Zones” claims

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jindal-cavutoDuring the recent “No-Go Zones” controversy, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal cited Ambassador John Bolton’s name in support of the governor’s assertions--that these zones do exist.

 Only two days after Fox News repudiated the actual existence of these Muslim-dominated regions, Jindal, during London speech, claimed these zones are, in fact, present During later interviews, including one on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, Jindal brought up Bolton and an organization of which he is involved==in support of his assertions.

During a Bayoubuzz interview with Bolton, Bayoubuzz Publisher Stephen Sabludowsky, asked Bolton about Jindal’s assertions. 

Here is the transcript and below is the video made of the phone interview:

SABLUDOWSKY: Now, referring to immigration again if you don't mind--your name came up with Bobby Jindal's comments regarding the "no go zones" and so I'm just wondering I think that he cited your studies and comments that you made regarding no go zones. Should we be concerned about no go zones in Europe and certainly here in the United States?

BOLTON: Yeah, he was referring to studies that were done by the Gatestone Institute, the think tank that I'm the chairman of the advisory board of it. I didn't really participate in the studies. I don't censure what the individual scholars and fellows write, it's really up to them.  But I certainly do think, in other words, I'm not trying to take credit for it, I did not participate in the writing of it or anything--but I do strongly, I'm strongly concerned about what has happened in some European cities where law enforcement has basically broken down and you know, there was aslapafter he gave a speech because of some mistakes that were made by people about those. It's not like there's official "no go zones", it's just the reality that prudent people don't go into them where the, where the law enforcement itself is reluctant to act. And I think that is a reflection of a problem that Europe has because it doesn't have our tradition of the melting pot.  It doesn't have a tradition of making new French citizens or German citizens from their immigrant population. I think we’re in a much different situation but I have to say that if we don't attend to the problem of immigration as we have successfully done in the past, it could be a problem in this country too.

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