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Tyler Bridges, tells of Jindal's tax affair with Grover Norquist, in Washington Post

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washington-affairTyler Bridges, who covered the Louisiana legislature and Governor Bobby Jindal close up for The Lens, a New Orleans publication, has just written another article for a national publication discussing the difficult environment Jindal, the legislature and Louisiana finds itself this spring.


In early February, Bridges wrote a hard-hitting article for the nationally respected publication, Politico criticizing Jindal.   Today, Bridges penned another article for The Washington Post, article entitled, “Jindal’s tax plan blessed by Norquist, cursed by conservatives in Louisiana “. 

For years, Governor Jindal has received fluff pieces from the national media which were essentially rewrites of the Jindal talking points.  However, since the Governor has been so high-profiled running for President, those who have been close to the administration and legislative scene are now presentinng a more realistic view of the state of affairs.  Unfortunately, for Jindal and the state, the affairs are in crises mode.

With the Louisiana legislative session now only weeks away, Louisiana is facing a $1.6B budget deficit.  The money situation for the state government is so bad that it is possible that LSU, the state’s flagship, could lose 80 percent of state funding.  The healthcare crises  is so critical that the state could jeopardize hundreds of millions in federal matching funds.

Unfortunately, Louisiana cannot look to available monies because the governor and the legislature has spent it all by robbing Peter to pay Paul, evacuating agency funds and selling state properties.

In the middle of this horror, Governor Jindal, has been parading across the country half of his days  this past year, running for President of the United States.

Before that backdrop, Bridges tells the story reverberating across Louisiana and the nation in recent weeks that amid the devastating budget debacle, Bobby Jindal has requested blessings from Grover Norquist, the anti-tax Lord for his proposals to the legislature yet, has failed to ask for buy-in from those most impacted, the state and the legislatures.

Two Republicans who have been most vocal about Jindal’s seeking Norquist’s approval for his tax proposals are conservatives  Rep. Jay Morris from Monroe and Rep. Tim Burns of Mandeville.

In an email to his constituents, Morris called Jindal’s approach “insane” in an e-mail to supporters, writing that “the ATR’s way of determining these things can be illogical, inconsistent and downright misleading to the public ... or in the opinion of some ... crazy.”          

Burns, recently posted in his blog:

“If Louisiana has to depend on national groups to bail us out of our problems, then God help us”.  

Read the Bridges article.

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