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Louisiana legislative Lameduckdoms and those tweets

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louisiana-legislatureSometimes, there is no better way to pass the day than sitting down with some "good political reads".   Let me throw in, some great tweets, too.

Today is no exception.


For the next couple of months, in fact, with the Louisiana legislative session from-hell-warmed-over, there will be plenty of opportunities to get the "read" on whether the state survives without shutting down the store.  Or, at least, shutting down most of LSU.

So, here are three columns that have caught my eyes today, all from the Advocate.

After checking out those opinions of one, Stephanie Grace and Quin Hllyer, mosey on over and down to the tweets of the hour. 


Now that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is facing his last year and last Louisianaa legislative session, many wonder if he will be able to wield the power he has held over the past seven years. 

Stephanie Grace of the Advocate discusses an interesting dimension of “lameduckdom” that is affecting this legislative session, one in which Louisiana legislators careers are on the line due to elections.

Stephanie Grace: Louisiana lawmakers appear to be reaching their limits with Gov. Bobby Jindal


Quin Hillyer, also of the Advocate early this week wrote that fixing the budget hole this year will be difficult but not impossible. 

And who is responsible for the budget crises?

The columnist wrote:

"Gov. Bobby Jindal is less responsible than some others for the state’s $1.6 billion budget gap, and his frequent absence from the scene does not absolve the Legislature of responsibility for solving it. If legislators show just a modicum of courage, the gap is quite bridgeable."

Just how we fix the budget requires a short and long-term solution.  The short-term is a necessity.  Hillyer also states that if you think we can kick tax reform can down the  street, think again



Deborah [email protected]

Experts: Jindal using D.C. trips to boost image usat.ly/1boWwRN via @USATODAY


Mitch [email protected]

I am so honored to thank Boysie Bollinger for his $20M gift to @WWIImuseum - an iconic #NOLA destination! pic.twitter.com/qwikdoYab0


Will [email protected]

LeBas says "almost impossible" to eliminate $12.3 billion backlog of road and bridge projects.


La Politics 24/[email protected]#LSU Survey says cut spending, but not to education, healthcare or infrastructure


Zach [email protected]

When @DanaBashCNN pushes @tedcruz on whether he'll take the subsidy, he declines to say yes or no - cnn.com/2015/03/24/pol…


[email protected]

Why is @DavidVitter ’s staff still pretending it’s him on Twitter when they've admitted he ‘never personally tweets?” huff.to/1HApRWE


Rep. Steve [email protected]

.@EPA's radical carbon #regs could leave states tied up in the courts, via @USChamber--> uscham.com/1N4lMdo pic.twitter.com/HadnpcUZlg


Jeb Bush Confirmed for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference (SRLC) in Oklahoma City in May bit.ly/1BssF34

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