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Biz: Mashable says New Orleans a top destination; Verizon, SidneyTorres,Global Data Systems

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New Orleans Mashable--one of world's best destinations

New Orleans has been chosen one of the world's best destinations

Global Data Systems

Global Data Systems and MidSouth Technologies announced today that they have entered into a definitive agreement for Global Data Systems to acquire MidSouth Technologies, a provider of security, technology and communications to the maritime, energy and transportation markets. Founded in 2003 with offices in Lockport, Louisiana, MidSouth Technologies serves 1200+ customers in 14 countries.

Global Data Systems is an industry leading provider of telecommunications, technology, security, networking, infrastructure and datacenter solutions. By combining complementary strengths, MidSouth Technologies and Global Data Systems can cement themselves as the premier provider of maritime communications services in the Western Hemisphere, supporting long and short term customer requirements for reliable services in the field, on the rig or on the vessel.

At the closing of the acquisition, MidSouth Technologies employees and assets will become an integrated part of Global Data Systems and MidSouth's employee base will be re-badged as employees of Global Data Systems. MidSouth's principals, including founder Jeremie Mize, will also transition over and remain an instrumental part of the continued support and success of the combined company's customers.

"All of us at MidSouth Technologies are extremely excited to be joining the Global Data Systems family." said Mize. "GDS is a seasoned and well respected company that specializes in similar integration solutions. Both companies compliment each other's broad portfolio of services as well as offer unique integration solutions that together will result in never before seen technologies available to all of our clients. We are confident that this merger will strengthen our product and service offerings while at the same time maintain our world class quality of service."

The acquisition will also place more combined resources of personnel and infrastructure in Galveston, Texas, Lake Charles and Lockport, Louisiana providing even more service and coverage for both company’s maritime energy customers. Global Data systems fully managed connectivity services, domestic and international infrastructure of field support centers, terrestrial and satellite capacity, combined with MidSouth’s on-site systems integration projects, completes its full-suite of solutions for the Energy industry.

“MST brings years of experience in delivering specialized communications and vessel management solutions to the energy and maritime industries, which are valuable in continuing to grow our customer base in these markets.” said Chris Vincent, President of Global Data Systems. “Our combined customers represent many global energy and maritime companies that have relied on us to connect their offshore operations with the rest of the world, when it matters the most.”

Sidney Torres and Landrieu

With the French Quarter festival approaching yet crime throughout New Orleans on the upswing, today, entrepreneur Sidney Torres, IV and New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu unveiled the next step in a pioneering public-private partnership to tackle crime: more police officers patrolling the French Quarter and a new crime-fighting app for phones and tablets. 

Torres remarked on the empowerment and unity signaled by the joint effort, saying, “I want to thank the mayor and his staff for working with us, Bob Simms and the French Quarter Management District, the New Orleans Police Department, and Col. Michael Edmonson of the State Police. I also want to thank Sheriff Marlin Gusman, who is making preparations to accept additional transients who are found violating city law as well as the Louisiana SPCA who agreed to accept animals that have to be surrendered. This really is everyone working together. The message we send today is that the people of our city are united in the mission of keeping the French Quarter safe. The app empowers the people and the extra police presence ensures a response. We will not be bullied by criminals any more. We will work together: businesses, government, and private citizens. Everyone has a part to play and everyone will benefit from the results.” 

At a press conference in front of the 8th District Police Station, Torres unveiled French Quarter Task Force, an app he designed to equip citizens with an easy way to report crimes and give the police added eyes and ears on the street. French Quarter Task Force will allow people quickly to capture photos of crimes or suspicious activities in progress and report them to the Louisiana State Police and the New Orleans Police who will monitor submissions. Out of love for the City of New Orleans, music artist Lenny Kravitz offered to let French Quarter Task Force use one of his songs as a way of encouraging people to download and use French Quarter Task Force, which is available in Apple’s App Store and the Android Marketplace (Google Play). Television advertising will alert the public to the app’s availability and encourage its use in the New Orleans area and throughout the state:

A new video explaining the motivations for the app and the larger effort is also available here:

There will also be more police on the street to respond. Torres is personally funding a pilot project adding three Polaris-equipped, off-duty New Orleans Police officers to patrol the French Quarter, and additional support will ensure funding through the end of the year. The mayor’s office is working to get the project funded through 2016. 

Police officers working the extra detail will report to supervisors at the 8th District of the New Orleans Police. For added range and mobility, Torres has donated three Polaris vehicles. 

“We’re taking a 360-degree approach to the problem,” Torres said. “The app, the officers, the vehicles, all of it with supervision from the city and financial support from the business community. Together, we can keep French Quarter safe.”



Today,  The Future of New Orleans – Startup Style. Mayor Landrieu will kick things off at 4pm, sharing his vision for the city’s next chapter. Then Jim Amoss, Editor of Times Picayune, will engage leading entrepreneurs across the music, education, media, sustainability, and food industries to share their visions for the future of the Crescent City.


 Verizon Wireless customers in south Louisiana will experience faster, more reliable wireless calling, data streaming and Web surfing thanks to heavy investments the company made in 2014. Over the past year, the company invested $99.5 million in wireless network enhancements for customers across south Louisiana. This investment includes enhancements to its XLTE and 4G LTE services, introducing new cell sites and initiating projects to expand and enhance services for its customers.

“We have a relentless focus on providing our customers with the most reliable network possible.  The significant investments we made across south Louisiana in 2014 are evidence of that unwavering commitment,” said Krista Bourne, president, Houston/Gulf Coast Region - Verizon Wireless. “We were particularly excited to launch XLTE this past year, as it provides 4G LTE services better, faster and to even more customers. In the coming year, we will continue to focus on our customers and their everyday needs by empowering them with the latest in innovative technology backed by a network they can count on when they need it most.”

XLTE Deployed Across Entire South Louisiana Footprint

In 2014, Verizon Wireless deployed its newest technology, XLTE, to Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Lafayette, as well as other locations in Louisiana, to boost 4G LTE network capacity and enhance high-speed services for customers.  XLTE utilizes Verizon’s AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum, which allows Verizon to deliver significantly increased capacity – at a minimum, doubling the capacity – over its high-speed 4G LTE network.  This means more customers in high-traffic locations can access the company’s most advanced technology at the same time to send photos, download videos, surf the Internet and use other popular applications on their smartphones, tablets and other devices during times of peak usage.

Year-Round Severe Weather Preparation

Verizon’s capital investment in Louisiana fuels year-round preparations for severe weather like hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding and wildfires, when network reliability is crucial.  The company also maintains a fleet of cells on wheels (COWs), cells on light trucks (COLTs) and generators on trailers (GOATs) for immediate deployment to provide extra network support when severe weather strikes.

2014 Verizon Wireless Network Investment Highlights

·         Introduced XLTE service to New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lake Charles, Alexandria and Lafayette that utilizes AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum, which allows Verizon to deliver significantly increased capacity – at a minimum, doubling the capacity – over its high-speed 4G LTE network. 

·         Drove 7,867 baseline miles across south Louisiana to test network reception and quality, and to ensure reliable coverage for all its customers.

·         Deployed 50 new cell sites across south Louisiana to strengthen coverage and capacity of the Verizon Wireless network.

·         Maintained a comprehensive emergency response plan, including preparing emergency command centers across Louisiana in the case of a storm or other crisis.

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