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Louisiana political twitter stalking: Muscling up on Jindal's budget

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Jindal-differenceI know that tweet stalking is a kinky way to follow the news.  But, in the new era of digital communications, it beats watching Fox News and MSNBC during the afternoons.


Anyway, here is the news of the tweetday, courtesy of those I follow.

Some in the Louisiana legislature and elsewhere are beginning to wonder which will run out first—Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, in getting away from Louisiana after his 8 year tour-of-duty in Louisiana, or the Louisiana budget.

Louisiana, is in a $1.6B budget shortfall, and despite some optimism by some Jindal backers, there is obvious concern in the legislature and among some in the media that the governor’s departure might be marked by more severe budget cuts impacting the likes of healthcare and higher education.

Think I’m joshing?  Those tweets below say it all—from today at the Louisiana capitol:


.@lsuprez likens first look at @BobbyJindal’s proposed budget to opening ‘Bazooka bubble gum wrapper.’ #DailyReportPM


Appropriations Chairman Fannin tells #LSU health chief Opelka: "I'm not convinced I have the same positive outlook that you have." #lalege

Melinda Deslatte @MelindaDeslatte

Jindal chief Kyle Plotkin pushes back on #lalege concern about short-term budget, says refundable tax credit changes would help long-term.

Melinda Deslatte @MelindaDeslatte

Consistent theme in Appropriations: Concern that Jindal budget will get state through end of gov's term, not end of fiscal year.



Details Open




Rep. @JohnSchroderLA says he's worried Medicaid budget submitted by Jindal will require midyear cuts when admin going out the door


Legislators are definitely implying that @BobbyJindal's admin might be crafting budget to only get through the first half of the yr. #lalege

Where to cut, where to cut?

One of the vulnerable spots might be the Louisiana film industry.  From the twitter feed of a member of the Louisiana House.    Also, as Julia O’Donoghue tweet indicates, there is a real art in creating a budget in Louisiana.


Louisiana film program still costs taxpayers four times the cash it brings in, state study finds


Apparently, 1 percent of capital funding on state buildings has to be spent on art.


Now, on to the federal issues.

Louisiana US Senator David Vitter, who has been getting ready for his stay in the Louisiana mansion,  has tweeted, (or, one of his staff has tweeted) that there is important business at the capitol, the US Capitol, that is.

Headed to Senate floor. Will offer my bill, which would allow states to opt out of #CommonCore without penalty, to Senate budget bill.

Charles Boustany @RepBoustany

We need to ensure the promises of lower costs and greater accessibility are kept to Americans. #ObamaCare…

Charles Boustany @RepBoustany

I’m working with @RepPaulRyan & others to craft reform that restores choice and completion. #ObamaCare…

While the Supreme Court weighs King v Burwell, Republicans are moving forward with our vision. #ObamaCare…

Today, families & small businesses have fewer options & are paying more for healthcare. #ObamaCare…


And now, for the major news of the day, the Louisiana governor is getting himself into shape for the US presidential race.  While the Louisiana legislators are pulling their respective hairs out of their own heads, and others, Governor Bobby Jindal is busy at work too


Bobby Jindal is a terrible governor who wants to be President but sure, let’s talk about his exercise routine. 


MSNBC finds @BobbyJindal on an exercise bike in Manhattan: Bobby Jindal, exercise junkie via @msnbc

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