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Jindal allies are waking up and smelling the selfishness

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jindal-obamaby Pat Culverhouse

So now we know. And it took only seven-plus years for even his most staunch supporters to come to grips with the knowledge.
If Bobby Jindal is interested in being governor of Louisiana, then Hillary Clinton cares a little more than a tinker’s damn what anyone thinks about deleted emails.

In fact, a couple of individuals whose opinions vary greatly on the great gift to Baton Rouge finally agree on one thing. Jindal should go to Iowa with his “team” and leave us to fetch water ourselves. It’s something we’ve grown accustomed to doing since Congressman Jindal told us he really cared about all of us and wanted to be governor. Not long after that, he said he had the job he really wanted when the presidential cycle oiled its wheels in 2008.
Legislators had barely let slip that our budgetary woes were just a tad worse than we had originally anticipated when the governless informed the world that he was putting together a team to focus on Iowa and the presidential nomination. Poll numbers, he hinted, mean nothing. And, apparently, neither does his responsibility to Louisiana.
It doesn’t take a genius to realize his focus will not be on this legislative session, nor will it be on a budget shortfall that will impact us in critical areas. Just how many more cuts to healthcare and education must we absorb while Jindal runs from his leadership responsibilities in the state and runs for a White House he will most likely only enter as a visitor.
When a candidate consistently polls around three percent, that candidate should realize something’s not working. In a switch of priorities, Jindal’s standard stump speech centers on a challenge of Common Core, then system he once hyped as the next great educational tool. Sorry, candidate Jindal, that issue isn’t flying first class with enough voters to pave a road to a nomination.
Plenty of insiders are alleging that Jindal isn’t all that convinced he could win the top spot on a Republican ticket. Speculation remains that he is angling for the number two spot or, at the very least, a cabinet post in a Republican administration. Whichever, doesn’t anyone on the “team” think Jindal’s stock might rise if he stayed at home and tackled the problems of his state? A little expression of concern, insincere as it might be, could help the image.
The same advisors and supporters who helped convince Louisiana that Jindal was the answer to every problem and the provider of every need (twice) believe their man will ultimately win the war of ideas and jump to the head of the Republican class. Well, boys and girls, that’s a big leap that even the Hannity/Limbaugh connection can’t launch.
Looks like we insignificant Louisianans will have to wait for another governor to help dig us out of the hole. Our only problem is determining which candidate has the biggest shovel and what substance they’re shoveling.
Thought for the week: If this is the best Congress money can buy, we should be demanding a refund.
Pat Culverhouse is an award-winning journalist. E-mail: [email protected]

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