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Religious freedom debate, Louisiana education jeopardy, Kennedy to announce?

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wgso-jeff-Louisiana elections, education, religious freedom and gay rights are in the air and on the airwaves.

Today, WGSO’s Jeff Crouere and Bayoubuzz’s Stephen Sabludowsky discussed the ongoing controversy ripping across the United States.

Who is right?  Are Christians targeting gays?  Are gays targeting Christians?  Are we going down a slippery slope that both sides of the debate will regret?

 Below is video segment of that part of the radio hangout today.

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Today, LaPolitics reported that John Kennedy, the Louisiana Treasurer, will announce any day his future plans.  Initially, many believed Kennedy would be running for governor  That belief appears to have come to a screeching halt with David Vitter and others enterig the Louisiana Governor’s contest.  So, what is a candidate, with plenty money in the bank going to do if the top job were not to be available?

Here’s Jeremy Alford’ take:


Governor? Attorney general? Re-election? The answer from Treasurer John Kennedy will be delivered in the coming days, possibly this week, according to talk circulating among donors. The smart money is on Kennedy running for re-election, despite his recent polling on other races, and then gearing up for a campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2016. Sources say Kennedy met last week with GOP ad man Fred Davis(@FredNDavis), whose California-based Strategic Perception won 12 of 12 in last year's federal cycle. The week before that, eyes and ears on the Hill passed along info about Kennedy's sit-downs with the National Republican Senatorial Committee and with the folks over at Karl Rove's American Crossroads, as reported by LaPolitics Weekly on March 26. These are big guns for a statewide run, leading to speculation that the treasurer really wants the seat held by U.S. Sen. David Vitter, should it become available. 


Twitterland is always a good place to get the scoop.  Today, at time of publishing, here are some of the tweets which include a concern that Louisiana budget cuts to education could significantly impact Louisiana K-12 education.

Steve Spires @BR_Spires

Table from Fiscal Division showing $80 mil needed to fund early childhood (Act 3). Jindal budget has $0 #lalege pic.twitter.com/qjEUjdx99O

 Steve Spires @BR_Spires

Fiscal Division chart of K-12 funding source. Supe White says Jindal cuts to tests could jeopardize fed funds #lalege pic.twitter.com/ObWm2DrOQj

 Mark Armstrong @markwbrz

[email protected] says Louisiana could lose $800 million in federal education spending if @BobbyJindal budget cuts go through


Marsha Shuler @MarshaShulerCNB

Invest in a Healthy La. to push for cigarette tax hike to U.S. average - $1.54. It's Heart, Cancer, Lung, Tobacco Free Kids groups. Melinda Deslatte @MelindaDeslatte

Supt. John White says @BobbyJindal budget cuts so deeply he couldn't pay for standardized testing next year, violating law.

LouisianaFedTeachers @LaFedTeachers

John White says Jindal budget strips funds for testing, which violates state & fed law & jeopardizes $800m in fed funding #lalege

 Rep. Ted James @EdwardTedJames

RSD in New Orleans has $160 million in the budget for new construction while the schools/facilities under RSD in BR deteriorate.

 David Vitter @DavidVitter

I will ensure that there are convenient, service-oriented offices around the state. #TogetherLAStrong #LAgov davidvitter.com/together_louis…

Jay Dardenne @JayDardenne

In Alexandria kicking off the campaign tour for Tuesday! #LaGov JayDardenne.com pic.twitter.com/sffYacf2vv

 Elbert Guillory @ElbertGuillory

Running for Lt. Gov of Louisiana requires more than a big fist...experience, brains, courage and commitment to... fb.me/4RiNla1a6

 mike fisher @mfisher096

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal supports bill allowing businesses to refuse service to LGBT people lgbtqnation.com/2015/04/louisi…

Vetting Vitter @VettingVitter

If you like Bobby Jindal, you might also like @DavidVitter. He's often absent, and is vague and clueless on issues. americanpress.com/Beam-column-6-…

ForAmerica @ForAmerica

Gov Bobby Jindal: religious freedom laws are necessary to prevent discrimination. RT if you agree!

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