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Louisiana 19th ranked state for being a taxpayer

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wallettaxIt’s no secret that tax bills aren’t created equal. But while most of us understand that some states don’t charge income or sales taxes, we don’t necessarily realize how state-by-state tax differences result in us paying considerably more (or less) than our neighbors in other states. To answer that question, WalletHub today released a report on 2015’s Best & Worst States to Be a Taxpayer.







WalletHub compared tax rates in the 50 states as well as the District of Columbia in terms of the national average consumer’s income and spending habits.


  Best States to be a Taxpayer   Worst States to be a Taxpayer
  1 Alaska   42 New Jersey
  2 Delaware   43 Iowa
  3 Montana   44 Ohio
  4 Wyoming   45 Michigan
  5 Nevada   46 New York
  6 Tennessee   47 Connecticut
  7 Idaho   48 Rhode Island
  8 South Carolina   49 Wisconsin
  9 California   50 Nebraska
  10 Florida   51 Illinois






Key Stats

  • Tax rates in the most expensive states are 3-times more than those in the least expensive states.
  • New York’s state cigarette excise tax rate is 26-times higher than Missouri’s.
  • Tax rates are 10.92% higher in Blue States than in Red States.
  • Washington’s sales & excise tax rate is 9-times higher than Oregon’s.
  • Pennsylvania’s gas tax rate is twice as high as Alaska’s.

To check out the full report and see where your state ranks, please visit:

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