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Jindal spokesperson slams ACLU attorney's religious liberty bill criticism

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jindal-betThe Jindal administration has taken to the airwaves to respond to a quote from an ACLU attorney's opinion concerning the impact of a controversial religious right bill that the governor says he will sign into law.  


The email states:

ACLU Attorney: Passing Religious Liberty Protections Will Allow Husbands To Hit Their Wives

I wanted to flag for you all an example of the absurdity of the Left and the length they will go to spread lies about laws to protect individual religious rights from adverse action by government. 

In an article posted this afternoon, ACLU attorney Marjorie Esman said this about the Louisiana religious liberty bill that is going to be debated this session….

“Meanwhile, the bill's opponents say the religious freedom legislation would apply to far more than just LGBT people. For example, it could allow husbands to hit their wives, if the men claimed they thought they had a right to do so based on their definition of marriage, according to the Marjorie Esman, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union in Louisiana.

‘He could say “It is my moral conviction that my spouse can submit to discipline from me.” ... It basically dismantles the Louisiana legal system. The whole criminal code goes out the window,’ Esman said.”

This comment is shockingly irresponsible– but fortunately quite absurd and misinformed.  House Bill 707 doesn’t change any law to allow people or businesses to do anything that is currently against the law, be it spousal abuse, or breaking and entering, or jaywalking.  The bill that has been filed simply ensures the state cannot deny a license, certification, accreditation, contract, etc to an individual or business on the basis of a sincerely held religious belief about marriage.

But according to this ACLU attorney, apparently passing this bill would legalize domestic violence. The ACLU should retract this offensive comment and apologize.  Next time, I recommend they read the bill before commenting on it.

Mike Reed

Michael Reed
Communications Director

Jindal is in Nashville today speaking before the NRA.  It has been reported that Jindal is drawing comparisons between attacks against the second amendment with those against the first amendment, freedom of religion.

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