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Louisiana Jindal Pushes Book, Self Despite Drop In Poll

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Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was back on the personal promotional tour this weekend.  The Louisiana governor flew up to New York for a “Bobby’s Club” fundraiser for his Louisiana campaign.  Jindal appeared on Bloomberg’s Al Hunt’s Political Capital television show where Jindal  discussed his book and other national issues.  On Sunday, Governor Jindal continued his book tour but this time in Baton Rouge.

Although the governor has been criticized for focusing upon external matters such as promoting his book Leadership and Crise , campaigning for republican governors, on Thursday, he said trips outside of Louisiana are good for the state of Louisana.

Jindal said, “I think it’s actually good for Louisiana. I went out and actually supported candidates who agree with us”. 

However, in a recent SMOR poll, Jindal’s favorables has plummeted  since the spring of 2010 and now his poll numbers are similar to that of Louisiana u.S. Senator, Mary Landrieu who was heavily criticized across the nation last year during the health care debate. 


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