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New Orleans Saints v. Panthers: Will Bountygate revenge, Stewart, Brees and rivalry matter?

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Brees-panthersThe New Orleans Saints and the Carolina Panthers, both losers of their opening games, are hoping to get back on the road to victories when they play one another on Sunday.

The game could be a get-even-affair as some Panther fans and players have accused the Saints defenders of trying to hurt some of their star players in prior football games, particularly Carolina’s QB sensation, Cam Newton.



Prior reports claim that Newton was one of four quarterbacks that have been targeted by the Saints in recent years under the bountygate reign.  If that were true, he reportedly would have been in good company with Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers, Kurt Warner also allegedly being on the top-tier “hit list”.

If revenge would not be the only reason to motivate the Panthers to beat the Saints, winning the upcoming game means bragging rights.  The Panthers and Saints are tied 17-17 in win-losses and the victory would put either team ahead of the other.

However, emotions to stick it to the Saints might be somewhat diluted as of late.

Roger Goodell has not done too well in proving his case against the Saints. Recently, he lost a three-panel decision that overturned the Saints players suspension.

His credibility has been tarnished as he has not put the nail into the bounty-coffin.

However, the Saints also were supposed to use the bounty incident to their advantage but came up short in their astounding loss to the Washington Redskins in the Superdome last Sunday.   The argument has been that the Saints would be playing with a chip on their shoulders for being singled out by the NFL and for even being wrongfully accused. 

Which goes to prove that while emotions are a powerful influencer, talent and how you play the game on the field primes over everything.

This week, the Panthers hope to have much more of a balanced offensive approach with running back Jonathan Stewart possibly back in the lineup.

In last week’s game against the Tampa Bay Bucs, they managed a whopping 10 yards on the ground, in large part, due to an injured ankle that has put Stewart out of commission.  

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According to ESPN, Jonathan Vilma will be leading

New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma and his attorney, Peter Ginsberg, will meet with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on their own Monday afternoon, according to a league source.

Saints Bounty Scandal

An NFL investigation found the New Orleans Saints operated a bounty system rewarding between 22 and 27 players for hard hits and injuring opposing players. Profile »

Vilma, who made the choice and decision, originally had been scheduled to meet with Goodell on Tuesday.

The other three players alleged to have been involved in the Saints' bounty scandal still will meet with Goodell on Tuesday in New York, a source with knowledge of the meeting told ESPN.

Vilma, Will Smith of the Saints, Scott Fujita, a former member of the Saints now with theCleveland Browns; and Anthony Hargrove, a former Saints player who is a free agent, are facing possible renewed suspensions.


Six years ago, Drew Brees landed in New Orleans in Themistocles a natural disaster and a team that was virtually rebuilding. Since then, the leader of the Saints has compiled huge numbers and broken multiple records along with Pro Bowl trips and even a Super Bowl title.

The one thing that has still eluded him though, is the title of league MVP.

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Will Saints be in the Super Bowl?

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