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Political emails: Tony Perkins, Vitter and help Gowdy destroy Clinton

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Hillary-Clinton-benghaziIf you have been receiving political email in your inbox, asking you to write a letter to the legislature, contribute to a candidacy, attend a fundraiser, watch a film clip and so on, you are not alone.


We receive our share of them too.

The political email industry has become a major specialty, a billion dollar industry, a must for anybody wanting to raise monies for a run or a political cause.

There are experts in the industry who will only serve conservative or liberal candidates and issues.  

if a candidate or issue-organization does not have a strong email marketing plan to further its respective campaign, it will be eating dust as others are sending out emails providing information and/or requesting  money daily.

Below are three emails we received today from conservatives.   

The first is an email we received from US Senator David Vitter who is a candidate for Louisiana Governor.  His campaign will almost daily send out an email blast to those who agree to receive them. Today's email offers his plan on improving roads and bridges and relieving traffic.  The second is an email blast from an organization requesting money to re-elect Trey Gowdy, the member of the US House of Representatives who heads the committee investigating Hillary Clinton and Benghazi.  The third is a daily email blast from the former Louisiana politician, Tony Perkins of the Family Resource Center.  His message today is religious liberty, Christianity is being threatened and a contribution to his organization will help prevent the destruction of Christian life and beliefs in America.

In fairness, there are numerous organizations, both conservative and liberal, who blast emails on a daily basis, providing information, opportunities and who seek contributions.


Are you sick and tired of Louisiana highways with obvious bottlenecks being completely ignored by the state?

Louisiana currently spends more on transportation bureaucrats than on concrete and asphalt. That results in sitting in traffic instead of working productively or spending time with family. Well I’m sick and tired of it too – and I’m going to do something about it.

Be one of the first to read our plan on relieving traffic and improving roads and bridges.

Today I released my proposals to relieve traffic congestion and build a better infrastructure as part of my plan, “Together, Louisiana Strong: Our blueprint for building a brighter future.” Chapter 4 is called “Building World Class Infrastructure to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Grow Jobs.” 

Read our new chapter of Together, Louisiana Strong today called: “Building World Class Infrastructure to Relieve Traffic Congestion and Grow Jobs.” Please read, and respond.

Our plan details how to strengthen the Transportation Trust Fund and provide much more protection for infrastructure spending. I will prioritize trust fund dollars for new highway construction and repair and ensure that trust fund revenue sources like the vehicle sales tax actually go into the trust fund rather than for unrelated programs. I’ve also put together some cutting edge, innovative ideas. And after you read it, please respond and provide feedback.

Stephen, we’ve been sending you chapters from our plan, because I’m completely focused on facing Louisiana’s enormous challenges head on—with strong leadership and real solutions—and taking advantage of historic opportunities and make great gains.

See the first four chapters of Together, Louisiana Strong here.

This isn’t something I just threw together. I’ve compiled our plan by meeting with Louisianians of all walks of life and by listening to their ideas for building a brighter future. I’ve held 380 Town Hall Meetings and 204 Telephone Town Halls. As a candidate for Governor, I’ve held 12 Leadership Forums on the key challenges we face as a state specifically to develop this blueprint, with dozens of informal meetings and conference calls in addition.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our plan about relieving traffic, growing jobs and fixing bad roads and bridges.   


Hillary Clinton May Be Forced To Withdraw From The Presidential Race! Her Treasonous Crimes In Benghazi May Lead To Felony Charges! The American People Deserve To Know About Hillary Clinton's Role In The Benghazi Attacks! Trey Gowdy Is Working To Investigate Benghazi And Expose Hillary Clinton's "Personal" Emails!  

Hillary Clinton may soon be forced to end her Presidential campaign! Her treasonous role in the Benghazi attacks may lead to felony charges that make her ineligible to run for President! In addition to massive legal problems, Hillary Clinton will also lose nearly all of her support. The American people will not vote for a candidate who made direct orders to hide evidence and ignore security in Benghazi! Once the truth comes out, Hillary Clinton will be forced to drop out! Trey Gowdy's investigation into Benghazi is going to expose Hillary Clinton and ruin her Presidential campaign. Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support voter outreach and advertising efforts to re-elect Trey Gowdy.

Trey Gowdy wants a thorough legal investigation of Hillary Clinton's server. As Chairman of the House Select Committee on Benghazi, Trey Gowdy has legally subpoenaed Hillary Clinton's 31,380 "personal" emails. Unsurprisingly, Hillary Clinton's legal mob is doing everything possible to stop Trey Gowdy's investigation. The leftist attacks on Trey Gowdy's investigation are nothing more than a desperate attempt to save Hillary Clinton's career. If Hillary Clinton didn't have anything to hide, nobody would be fighting against Trey Gowdy's investigation! Many of the 31,380 "personal" emails contain proof that Hillary Clinton made direct orders to hide evidence and ignore security in Benghazi! Fortunately, the incriminating evidence is impossible to delete! Even if Hillary Clinton attempts to erase messages, data recovery experts can easily retrieve deleted emails in less than a day! Hillary Clinton cannot hide the truth from the American people! Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support voter outreach and advertising efforts to re-elect Trey Gowdy.

Trey Gowdy is a conservative hero. He is dedicated to stopping amnesty, balancing the budget, and protecting the Second Amendment. In Congress, he also fights to end big government programs such as ObamaCare and Common Core. He knows that the federal government is the biggest obstacle to economic growth! Will you help re-elect Trey Gowdy to Congress? Please contribute $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, to support Trey Gowdy with voter outreach and advertising! 

The Democratic machine is furious about Trey Gowdy's investigation of Hillary Clinton. Clinton operatives view Trey Gowdy as a threat to Hillary Clinton's campaign. The Clinton machine is working hard to attack Trey Gowdy and stop his heroic efforts. It is crucial that conservatives everywhere fight back and defend Trey Gowdy's seat in Congress!Will you help re-elect Trey Gowdy? 

As a father, Trey Gowdy knows that the liberal agenda is bad for America's future. In Congress, Trey Gowdy fights to balance the budget, stop amnesty, and defend the Constitution. He knows that the best way to grow the economy is to get the federal government out of the way! It is crucial that conservatives everywhere support Trey Gowdy and defend his House seat. Conservatives cannot allow Trey Gowdy to be replaced by a radical liberal! Please help re-elect Trey Gowdy to Congress by contributing $25, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1000, or more, for voter outreach and advertising!


Suicide is tragically rampant in the U.S. military. You can help—as long as you don't help in a "Christian" way.

That's what they told Chaplain Joseph Lawhorn. At a training session on suicide prevention, he told soldiers about his own struggles with depression—and how faith helped him through. He offered participants a handout listing resources for struggling service members, some faith-based and some secular.

On Thanksgiving Day, he found himself in the office of his boss at Fort Benning, Georgia, being handed a "Letter of Concern" accusing him of unlawfully proselytizing.

The letter deemed it unacceptable to list "Army resources on one side" of the handout "and a biblical approach to handling depression on the other side"—because it was "impossible for those in attendance to receive the information without also receiving the biblical information."

This cannot stand. When a military chaplain cannot openly speak about his faith, military disarmament has reached a level that no budget cuts could ever produce.

Regarding religious expression as a threat is not only ridiculous . . .it's dangerous.But this is what we're up against with a commander-in-chief who expresses greater hostility toward the Christian faith than any President in our history.

Please help FRC Action fight back. Give a generous contribution today.

What we are witnessing is a surge of hostility toward Christian faith in America's military. This is an attack on the freedom to believe, the freedom to live according to one's faith. Any attack on Christians for their faith is egregious, but it's even more outrageous when a Christian chaplain can't be a Christian chaplain!

The most incredible recent example: Lt. Commander Wes Modder, a 19-year veteran Navy chaplain who served some of the most elite fighting forces in the military, the Navy SEALs.

Chaplain Modder was once referred to by his commanding officer, Capt. J.R. Fahs, as "the best of the best." But after he wasaskedto offer moral guidance, he responded with a Bible-based response on sexual morality. That's when his assistant, a "married" homosexual, secretly combed through the chaplain's private counseling files, forwarding them to representatives at the Office of Equal Opportunity as evidence of "discrimination"—and the chaplain was ordered to clean out his office and go home.

No opportunity to defend himself . . . justremoved—because he reportedly "failed to show tolerance and respect."

In America's military today, Christians are being forced underground or to leave.

As Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin put it, "if the Navy wants a chaplain corps, they have to be prepared for chaplains to be chaplains. A chaplain isn't worth anything if he isn't allowed to minister and counsel according to his faith. If the Navy won't allow a chaplain to be a chaplain, then the chaplain becomes nothing more than a social worker."

This is exactly why FRC Action worked to successfully change the language of the National Defense Authorization Act last year.With the help of conservatives in Congress, who fought to include these protections, the Pentagon is bound by federal law to "accommodate individual expressions of belief of a member of the armed forces reflecting the sincerely held conscience, moral principles, or religious beliefs of the member and, insofar as practicable, may not use such expression of belief as the basis of any adverse personnel action, discrimination, or denial of promotion, schooling, training, or assignment."

So why was Chaplain Modder fired?

Because we have an administration that has little regard for the law. In true Obama fashion, our military is being grotesquely politicized.

We've got to fight this fight.President Obama wants to fundamentally change America, and there's no more powerful place to start than in the U.S. military. If he can silence Christians in the military—if he can silence chaplains in particular, he can force the Left's values and codes of "P.C." speech on the rest of us.

We must take action! I urge you to help us continue leading in this critically important battle.We played a critical role in the drafting of regulations to protect the religious liberties of U.S. servicemen and women. We worked with Congress on a letter to the Secretary of the Army after the Chaplain Lawhorn fiasco. I personally went to the Pentagon for a meeting in the Navy's Chief of Chaplain's office to discuss Chaplain Modder's case.

We'll also be involved with oversight hearings to demand answers as to why they are punishing chaplains for operating according to their religious beliefs.

We are doing everything we can, but we must do more.I need your help.Please give a generous contribution to FRC Action to help us keep the pressure on with this issue in Washington, D.C., and throughout the U.S. military—and to continue all of our critically important work on Capitol Hill.

Today I commit to you that we will stand up for every Christian in the military.But we need your help. Thank you in advance for responding today.God bless you.

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