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Michelle and Barack Obama lead the great race divide

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Obama-InaugurationAs the Obama administration mercifully begins to wind toward the end of its second term, both the President and the First Lady will continue to distract from their horrible record. Their favorite distraction is to claim racial discrimination exists in this nation and is needs to be corrected through government action.

Even though we are not living in Mississippi in 1964, the President and Mrs. Obama continue to imply that the country has still not progressed enough from the Jim Crow era. They minimize the tremendous progress that African Americans have made in this country and focus on the challenges that remain.
Instead of dealing with the problems they have created, the First Couple engages in a continual discussion about race. By employing racially divisive rhetoric, Barack and Michelle Obama skillfully move the national discussion away from their horrible record. While it is politically expedient, it has done tremendous damage to race relations in the nation. The most recent example is the First Lady's commencement address at Tuskegee University last weekend. Instead of focusing on the goals and aspirations of the graduates, she delivered a speech all about the supposed discrimination she faced.

Even though Michelle Obama enjoyed the benefits of affirmative action to attend the nation's finest schools, she complained that people looked at her with suspicion. She also complained about everything from the way the liberal media covered her to the supposed lack of respect she receives for her accomplishments. The speech was all about her, not the graduates who were supposedly hearing an inspirational speech. A commencement speaker should inspire graduates to achieve their goals and give them hope for the future. Instead Michelle Obama showed her narcissism and self absorption. Obviously, she has learned from the master of egoism, her husband.

Even though the President is bi-racial and was sold to the American people as a unifying force in our country, he has succeeded in polarizing Americans. A recent New York Times poll showed that race relations are at an all-time low in our country. This is no surprise since Barack Obama is always highlighting issues of racial conflict. Americans are obviously listening to their President as he continually tells them there is racial discord throughout the country.

While Barack and Michelle Obama focus on the race issue, they don't want to talk about the real economic situation. In the Obama years, the economic results have been abysmal as 46 million Americans are now on food stamps and approximately 50 million people are mired in poverty.
Although the unemployment rate is at 5.4%, the real employment situation is much worse. There are as astounding 93 million Americans out of the workforce and fewer people are working today than at the beginning of the Obama administration.

The foreign policy achievements of this administration have been non-existent. Iraq is a disaster and the terror group Islamic State is growing in influence. Other supposed success stories like Yemen and Libya are now failed states overrun with terrorists. The Russians have invaded Ukraine and fostered closer ties with the Chinese, the North Koreans are acting in a belligerent manner, and the Israeli government feels that this administration is anything but friendly. In the Arab world, the administration does not have a much better image. Several Middle Eastern rulers are skipping the President's upcoming Gulf States summit. The military feels like the administration is rudderless on national security issues and the President registered a huge disapproval rating among those serving in the armed forces.

With poor results at home and abroad, Barack and Michelle Obama will continue to stir the racial pot, distract from their reign of error and lead Americans on a very disturbing race to the bottom of race relations.

Hold on America, the last months of the Obama administration will be very, very uncomfortable. Let's pray it does not lead this country toward a disastrous racial conflict.

Jeff Crouere

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