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Bob Mann has message for democrats: Vote for a republican to defeat Vitter

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mannThe Louisiana Democratic Party and its supporters might not see eye-to-eye with Bob Mann, once again. 

The former democrat, former top staff for Senator John Breaux and Governor Kathleen Blanco (both democrats), current communications professor at LSU, blogger and columnist for the Times Picayune, has a message for democrats, if they want to defeat their' worst nightmare"--David Vitter.

 The message?  Vote republican.  Vote for a republican alternative, not for the sole and endorsed Democrat, Jon Bel Edwards, who is leading the banner to take over the mansion under republican control for the past seven-plus years.

Mann, once an ardent democrat party member, is still very loyal to its causes.  He recently resigned from the party after it endorsed Edwin W, Edwards for Congress.  Edwards is the mid-eighties convicted former Governor who ran last year for the the vacant federal office.

Mann's position is definitely shared by many.  While not advocating at this point as Mann is obviously doing, I (and others) have long believed the road to the governorship would be quite difficult for any democrat under the best of  times and would be downright perilous with David Vitter running for the seat.  I likewise have openly said that for Vitter to lose, democrats might have to pull rank and support a non-Vitter republican alternative. 

Vitter, has become the face and the stroke of the Louisiana Republican Party ever since Governor  Bobby Jindal became the face of Fox News, Politico and other national media channels in his presidential crusade and appear to abandon any efforts to engage in Louisiana.

While once denouncing the harm to the governmental process when power becomes concentrated and institutionalized, Vitter advocated and led the state's terms limits movement.  Now, he is taking full advantage of his US Senate powerful position and his contacts by creating a Super PAC that is distributing funds to his own state campaign.  He has been further helped by seeking national political figures to back his gubernatorial efforts who have also helped raise money for him. Oh, for the first time since joining Congress, Vitter is now advocating congressional term for a government body he would be vacating should he win the gubeernatorial seat.  His own gubernatorial campaign is leading the pack in fundraising.  His poll numbers show a difficult path for his opponents. 

Mann, however, has gone a step further.  He appears to be publicaly and outright advocating that democrats smell the coffee now, rather than get burnt later. 

Here is the beginning of the Mann post which can be followed on his blog: 

Last week, I argued that Sen. David Vitter – the undisputed leader in this year’s governor’s race – should be nervous because of our electorate’s long history of punishing frontrunners and promoting also-rans.

Now, a counterpoint to that argument: Unless the state’s Democrats acknowledge their unprecedented unpopularity, Vitter may coast to victory. If they are smart, Democrats might decide the campaign and defeat Vitter, their bete noir.

A new poll by Southern Media & Opinion Research shows Vitter with a commanding lead of 38 percent. The lone Democrat, state Rep. John Bel Edwards, trails him with 25 percent. Farther behind are Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, at 16 percent, and Public Service Commissioner Scott Angelle, at 5 percent.

Assuming most Democratic voters will support Edwards, he appears poised to claim a runoff spot with Vitter. If you’ve paid attention to state elections over the past 10 years, you’ll understand why Vitter craves this scenario.

Let’s get to the point: A Democrat – even one as effective, honest and politically moderate as Edwards – cannot win a Louisiana statewide election. Twenty years ago, someone like Edwards would have been unbeatable. Today, however, a vote for the Amite Democrat is, for all practical purposes, a vote for Vitter.

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